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Human Needs And Desires


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There’s a misperception that in Ascension the human needs and desires are not important any more. That there is a letting go of materialism. That’s not true. But what is true is that as the human who is connected more to their soul, they will not be worrying so much about the things they need and desire, because they are just there for them in a fluid and synchronistic way.

The Embodied Master has no needs or desires, but everything is just there….the money, the health, the resources, the friendships…. So is this just a natural part of our ascension, or are we talking about some impossible to solve transcendental paradox that makes you want to throw a few brick at an ashram? Continue reading


Are You The Master Or The Student?


A while back – actually lifetimes ago, you took a vow to yourself that you would make this the lifetime for your enlightenment.  You didn’t quite know what you were getting yourself into.  But you did know that the old way of experiencing life, without your soul present, was incredibly boring.  Even with drama to make you feel alive, it wasn’t cutting it.

To come here and to forget who you are, what bravery!  To stumble around trying to be just another human.  To go through very difficult childhoods, where you hid your Christ Consciousness because it didn’t feel safe to express it.  So you gradually lost the connection to your first love – your very soul!  To try so hard to fit in, but you knew you were different from the other children.

To have the confidence before you incarnated to know that you would remember who you are.  Very few angels had the guts to do that.

To put our minds and emotions and bodies through hell, and in the process think there is something wrong with us.  Things seemingly disintegrating, our health, finances, relationships, and our minds.  Feeling so alone, no one in our immediate family or community to talk to because they are not going through or have gone through this awakening.  Mostly they are at the very beginning stages of this transformational process.

But here you are.  You said you would do whatever it takes to remember who you are beyond your human personality and body.  And now, as you are awakening, you realize that things are coming up to be transformed, things seem to be leaving your life, but you really lose nothing.  You still have your mind, although you no longer rely on it for your awakening or for your manifestations.  You still have your body, and you realize that the seeming illness and fatigue are temporary because it is releasing the cells that can’t embody spirit, and is in the process of creating new cells.  The physical body is the last to catch up so you realize you need a little more trust and patience.  You realize that as you begin to love yourself more, your soul is more able to come in closer.  You recognize that this brings up resistance from your mind and that resistance can show up as more illness or emotional turmoil.

You begin to accept those parts of you that haven’t felt loved and you begin to embrace them with unconditional love.  You realize that things may seem to get worse because there is a process taking place, so you don’t allow your mind to engage you in more fear.

You begin to pay less and less attention to those fears and you choose to feel good.  You understand that the master chooses how they want to feel, and you understand that manifesting your dreams comes from feeling joy, not fear or lack.  But you also realize that the master allows all feelings.  But he doesn’t allow the feelings he doesn’t enjoy to control him.


There is no judgement in that question.  But the answer will determine how you experience your awakening from this point forward.  And that is not to say that you won’t flip back and forth at least until you build your trust.  Jesus had days that he got lost in the emotions and energies of those around him.  And he got distracted by his own doubts, at least until he accepted himself and loved himself just as he was.

If you decide you have had enough of asking how do I become enlightened, why are these things happening to me, and you begin asking questions like, dear soul, what would you like to do today, then you are the Master.  When you decide you are not a victim of any emotion, or any person, any family DNA, any disease, or any financial institution, then you are the master.  If you can let go of needing to take care of anyone emotionally, of having to save the world, then you are the master.  If you realize that you do not need to process or analyze things, try to figure things out, then you are the master.

If you are still searching, then you are the student.  If you are still trying and struggling then you are still the student.  If you believe you need to suffer or compromise for anything, you are not yet the master.  If you believe it must be complicated, you are still the student.  If you believe you must be the master in every moment, you are wrong!  But the master realizes that they have the choice in any moment about how they want to feel.  You are here to awaken yourself, and you have so many beautiful energies right here to serve you.  The master says clearly and with feeling, “I am healthy.”  Then she doesn’t think about it and knows it will manifest.  The same with finances.  The master states with confidence and self-worth, “I am wealthy!” And doesn’t try to figure it out from her mind.  The master knows that passion for life, living from her soul, is what brings her dreams into form.  He has left the inner battle behind and is now into feeling joy and sensuality.

The master knows that true freedom is the freedom to choose how she wants to feel.  That a joyful life is a life lived from the inside out.

The master knows that she is still living here in a very dense environment.  And even though she chooses to feel joy, she also knows that life here still has its challenges. But she also knows that in any moment she gets to choose how she wants to feel, and is no longer in response to life but lets life serve her.  She knows that life wants to serve her and that everything is possible.

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Step Into Your Teaching

Each of you reading these words is a teacher.  You have graduated from the school of life.  You are ready to move into your new role as a new consciousness, new energy teacher.

You have the wisdom, the compassion and the life experience (lifetimes of it).  You are the awakened ones who came here to make profound changes, first within yourselves.  You went through the difficult stuff, and even though it feels difficult still at times, many others are waiting to hear from you.  They want to know what you know.  Actually, on a soul level, they already know it.  You provide a voice for their inner knowing, confirmation for their inner truth – that they are divinity having a human experience.

Your teaching can come in a myriad of ways, from teaching an actual class or workshop, to blogging, counseling. to any creative expression, or just shining your light wherever you walk.  You show others who are ready, that being divine is also being very human, that spirituality is all about being brave enough to be selfish.  Selfish enough to care how you feel.  Teaching is more a state of being, not so much a profession.  It’s not about seeking a following because you know intimately this ascension process isn’t about following some guru.  It’s all about being the example of a human in the process of embracing their divine self and inviting that divine self into their every day life.  A human who is becoming their own best friend, and who is there for themselves, even if that means disappointing others.  It’s not about being the martyr.  It’s showing your students that it’s o.k. to get away from it all, to turn off your cell phone when you need to disconnect.  They will learn from you that it’s about being human as well as divine.  It’s about honoring the human aspect, honoring the human needs and desires.  Embracing all the emotions.  Letting those emotions come and go.

So being a teacher is not preaching and it’s not having an agenda for how others use the information.  It’s not about sacrificing, or taking on the imbalances of your students or clients.  It’s seeing their divinity.  It’s understanding that there is no room for power.  Sometimes you learn from your students, and you realize that they are aware in places you may not be yet.  You may find that when you step into your role as a new consciousness teacher that your students come in ways you didn’t expect.  Sometimes you feel unprepared, even like you are a fraud, someone who is just pretending.  But then you realize that it’s your human self that doubts.

So you have all these great gifts and all of this insight and experience.  You have your unique perspective.  Now it’s all about on the job training.  The only real difference between the teacher and the student in the new energy is the level of confidence.  And that comes naturally with each desire to share who you are, whether it’s through expressing creatively, or through simply enjoying the sensual experience of life on planet earth.

So if stepping into your role as a new energy teacher feels right for you, congratulations!  You have all the support you need.  Things will unfold in the most wonderful and unexpected ways.  Others are excitedly anticipating your presence.  And you can’t get it wrong, even in those moments when you feel that way.

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