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Taking Tampa By Storm

Doug asked me where I would like to go for a mini vacation, and I said, “You know, I’m kind of bored of the Hamptoms” to which he responded,Hey, how about a Hurricane shelter?  I hear we’re getting a big one in a couple of days.   Category five.”  The idea sounded intriguing and I suggested, “We better beat the crowds, hit the facility early and get a good spot.”  Doug was already way ahead of me. This was in his wheel house, his element.   He spent years as a coreman in the military, and was in positions in which he was responsible for others in various crisis situations.  He’s been trained for it.
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Three Little Words…..

I got to the cafe at my usual time.  About 7:30 am.  But this morning something was different.

There was a palpable tension in the air.  The line up of cars at the drive-up window was unusually long, and one driver had opened her door, waving her hands and was spewing venom at the car ahead of her.

As I walked in I asked the barista “Why so busy?” and he said those three words that I had been dreading for about two months.  Those three words that would make me want to re-evaluate being a regular at this, my favorite Starbucks.  This Starbucks, the easiest one to get to from my house.  The one I have come to know and to love.  The one that I have come to rely upon to soothe my thirst for good coffee, for a nice atmosphere. And most importantly, I have cultivated just the right relationship with the baristas for civil and friendly service .

A home away from home, where I could be out in the world, yet nicely insulated from the madness of that world.   And today, that world came tumbling down.  But I knew that it was just a matter of time before I once again heard those words….

Just three little words.  That’s all it took to ruin a perfectly nice morning.  Words that I had shoved into my subconscious.  But now those words careened toward my eardrums in a kind of  slowed-down, deep, distorted voice you hear in sci-fi movies…. Continue reading


New International Holiday Declared

A new international holiday has been declared. It is called LEAVE ALL YOUR DEVICES AT HOME DAY… Continue reading