Empathy, Sympathy, Guilt and Obligation

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When we talk about wanting to feel free, wanting to be ourselves, we need to look at the ways we have not felt free. Continue reading “Empathy, Sympathy, Guilt and Obligation”

Martyrdom Is Dead

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Maybe you are disguising it in terms like, “wanting to be of service to others, and to humanity.”  Wanting to “be there” for friends and family.

This will not lead you to your freedom, any more than it will help anyone else. Continue reading “Martyrdom Is Dead”


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As we know, there is the physical gravity here on the planet that keeps us grounded. There is also a psychic gravity that prevails. It tends to keep us locked into patterns, beliefs, behaviors, and they all exist in the mental sphere. Continue reading “Gravity”

Letting Go of Being Uncomfortable

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As odd as it sounds, it seems that being uncomfortable is what you would call our ‘go-to’ strategy if we don’t want to participate in something, if we don’t want to be involved with something out of a feeling of obligation, or a duty to someone outside of ourselves:  family member or loved one, anything like that.   It seems like it’s more acceptable to just not feel well, to say we don’t feel well, or actually get sick, have a minor accident. In worst-case scenario, if we repeat this pattern over years we can find ourselves coming down with some fatal disease or getting a major heart attack. These are patterns that have been deeply entrenched in us for a long, long time.  As a human race we’ve been conditioned to feel uncomfortable, to feel like the victim of outside circumstances, people, even victim of our own emotions.

What would your life look like if you had a choice, which you do, to not do something… say you decide not to celebrate the holidays, any one of the holidays.  Whether it’s Christmas, Hanukkah, Easter, Thanksgiving, even your birthday… if you can imagine THAT.   Could you give yourself permission to do that if it felt joyful to you?   And to do that without any excuse?  Without having to feign illness or actually get sick?

I finally gave myself permission after, well I would say decades of time of going through the motions of the holidays, to finally not get involved in Christmas and Thanksgiving, without guilt, without getting sick, without having an accident.  Even though there was some fallout from it.  I got a little bit of guilt thrown my way.   But I said to myself,  I’ll live with that, but I prefer to choose what I want in the moment and to be loyal to that choice. I realize that I am not of the world anymore. I am here. I am enjoying life but now on my own terms, and what could be sweeter?  And I certainly am not here to fulfill anyone else’s expectations of me. And really, no matter what they tell you, they do have expectations.  It’s natural.  It’s natural in a world of duality where most people are looking outside themselves, whether they recognize that or not, they do have expectations.

And for the most part it seems to work for people… not so well in the new energy.

So we begin to feel more and more detached from that old role we’ve been playing, of being accommodating and doing things that don’t really bring us joy, out of the feeling of obligation.  As we move away from that and understand that we can choose in each moment how we want to feel and what we choose to do, there is a bit of a void in that place.  That makes us uncomfortable to a certain degree because we’re just not used to that space. it’s getting beyond that old role and now into a totally new expansive space.

So let’s explore this new space together.  You’re more and more removed from the energy of others, from the mass consciousness, from the drama that’s going on in the world, and even to a certain degree removed from the drama going on within your own mind… which renders you a bit bored. There’s less passion. We can say drama gave the sense of passion to us, a sense of connecting, a feeling.   Drama is the mind’s way of feeling, because we are still in that space of…connecting to our soul is a whole new space for us so that will and does provide us with feeling.  With a deep feeling  and a feeling of joy. And feeling you could call passion, but not from a place of drama.  And there is a difference.

It’s a feeling of being alive and enjoying being alive.  Being aware of our divinity.  It’s a whole new space for us so naturally that’s going to feel a bit uncomfortable.  Because we have been addicted to feeling uncomfortable, so why not continue that feeling of discomfort even through this process? It’s sort of an old pattern.  So letting go of discomfort, letting go of feeling victimized by energies within us and outside of us, that’s a process and it’s OK.   The entire world is playing victim in one form or another.  They’re not consciously aware that they are, some are, some aren’t.  But they’re in the victim mode continuously. That feeling of being uncomfortable is almost brought to a fine art. That’s what we are moving out of and you notice that as you move away from drama you sometimes pull it right back in because it’s very familiar.  It’s the way humanity has been doing business for eons of time.  In fact even our literature is called DRAMA, isn’t it?   It’s acceptable.  It’s believed to be part of life.  There’s got to be a challenge or a hurdle, something to overcome.   We see it in our sports.  We see it in the media.  We see in our literature. We see it everywhere.  It’s family… family drama… and it’s everywhere.  It’s all-encompassing at times.

So here we are in this brand-new space.  No obstacles to overcome.  No challenges.  No setbacks.  No issues to analyze and process, no playing victim or victor anymore.   Well then what’s next?  Is the game over?  Am I out of this game called life?  And of course it does feel good to be out of that game because wasn’t that game exhausting?  And on the other hand there’s an emptiness about life now to a certain degree because we can’t seem to get engaged the way we want to be.  It’s a little disconcerting.  But that’s just a temporary space.   We still hold those victim energies to a point and that’s OK.   Again, this has been going on for eons of time. So we need to honor that this has been our journey.  This new space is a bit of a scary place to step into.  It feels so unknown.  But we are pioneers of the new consciousness are we not?   We’re always stepping into the unknown.  In fact, it’s on our business card isn’t it? Our business card reads:

                               New Consciousness Pioneer

                                  Explorer of the Unknown

                           Pattern-Buster – Willing to Travel

You remember that business card?  That’s on your business card.  That’s on my business card.  And it’s a wonderful business to be in, this new consciousness love affair with ourselves.

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