The Little One

Most of us carry within our solar plexus a wounded child. As little children most of us were not given the type of love we were looking for, that unconditional love. We realized at a very early age that we could not be ourselves but had to conform to what was expected of us in order to be received by our guardians, our family, and our community.  As a result we have been carrying around some very deep wounds. Continue reading “The Little One”

Your Personal Truth

Are you speaking your personal truth in your life, or are you still hiding who you are?  Do you tailor your responses to others to make them feel more comfortable?  At the expense of your inner knowing?

If you do that enough, you will begin to doubt yourself and your journey.  Of course not everyone will understand you, especially when you declare you are an ascension pioneer, that you are on the leading edge of the consciousness shift.  That you are an angel having a human experience, that this lifetime you took on the passion of embodying spirit, of integrating all your lost and wounded aspects, and that the most important relationship is the one with your soul self.

Do you have the confidence to tell them that you are here for very different reasons than most other humans?  But you are also not here to convince or convert anyone.  Most people will glaze over as you share these truths, but some will hear you and feel your truth within their body and soul.

We honor others and their personal truths. Even when they do not understand or honor ours.  Our mind often comes in with fearful thoughts, and it is then that we feel most vulnerable and will compromise our own beliefs in order to be accepted by others. This is perfectly understandable and there is no need to be hard on ourselves for doing that.  But over time, as we feel and release the fears, we come to a place of confidence that we do not need to allow our fears to rule our behaviors.  Sometimes the fear is just the scared little child within that wants our attention.  If we are constantly giving others attention that child will try to get our attention.

Many fears coming up right now are from childhood or even further back. There is no need to try to figure that out. The more you do, the more stuck in it you will get.

So ratcheting back who we are is not going to work in the new energy.  We need to boldly declare who we are to ourselves foremost, and then to others.

Be proud of who you are.  As a human and as spirit.  Believe in your gifts, in your wisdom and in miracles.  Believe that you deserve a good life, filled with health and wealth and friendships and love.  Known that your desires are coming to you in the appropriate timing.  Know that you are blessed beyond measure.

Consider this:  great leaders have a support team.  They have the wisdom to know they need not do it all themselves.  Each team member is delegated a specific role that they are experienced at.  They help carry out the orders of the leader.  They have regular meetings to keep each other up to date.

Your team, or you entourage, is there for you.  It consists of those in the non physical.  Whether they be other ascended masters, archangels, and of course your own soul.  If you are not using their services, or voicing intent, their hands are tied.  They can’t respond to a leader that forfeits their power to doubt and fear.

Your team responds to your choices.  As you choose to be in service, to shine your light, to be a standard, they will provide the appropriate balanced energies for you.  And just assume everything you need will be there for you. Your health, financial abundance, all the appropriate resources will come to you.

But as long as you are still hiding your light under a bushel, things will remain stuck in your life.

And then how can the shift in consciousness that you are helping to create expand?  Have you considered that your contribution is creating a world that will be more balanced and more at peace?

It is too easy, in a world that values the material over the spiritual, to have doubts about the worth of our wisdom and our knowledge relative to our soul.  We hear many stories of success in business and outer achievements, and we are impressed, but how many are impressed with the huge movements of energies within that create portals for healing and soul growth?  Have you given yourself the credit you deserve for your inner growth?  For the inner mountains you have climbed?  Very few take the path you take.  It is reserved for the brave of heart.  You have faced the most frightening of feelings, and you have lost things in order to discover yourself.  You have gone through the initiation over lifetimes to be here, and you have earned the title of New Consciousness Leader.  Claim that title, put it on your business card.  Work with your team.  Walk in your personal truth.

The Inner Child and The New Energy


We’ve all heard the expression, ‘getting in touch with your inner child’, but, what does that really mean? In my generation, we were taught that ‘children should be seen, and not heard.’  Our enthusiasm was often suppressed by our guardians who were themselves suppressed. Now it is a new generation. The ones coming in now are so much more confident. They know who they are, and they are not willing to compromise who they are so easily. They often seem strong-willed, but in a sense they need to be to operate in an environment that doesn’t understand them so much. You can say they radiate a spiritual confidence.

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