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The Divine Human Video Series (Moving into Self-Mastery)

The Divine Human Series

This page is devoted to a video series about our ascension, embodied enlightenment process, more from my personal perspective involving my personal experiences.  It’s for those who are ready to move beyond processing and into self-mastery. note:  If you are experiencing buffering change the setting to a lower resolution.

Episode 1 entitled Set Ourself Free: Set Them Free, helps bring to light how we have been holding energies for others, especially as women, and how as we release that role things may not be comfortable to witness. But it is all part of the process of setting ourselves free, and setting them free.

Episode 2, entitled Setting Everyone Free is part two of Setting Ourself Free/Setting Them Free. Releasing our care-taking role, and how it sets us and others free.

Episode 3, entitled Express Yourself  is all about expressing ourselves and how vital it is as ascending humans.

Episode 4, entitled Raising Our Standards shares information about how, as we integrate Spirit into our lives and bodies, our standards are raising.

Episode 5, entitled, Sane At Last discusses how we who are awakening are finally beginning to see that WE are the sane ones.

Episode 6, is entitled Moving Beyond Drama. The mind is addicted to drama, so as we let go of drama in our life the mind feels bored. But our embodied enlightenment is all about moving from drama (fear, struggle, pain) to joy. This video helps do just that.

Episode 7 entitled, Get Over It.  Feeling alone is one of the challenges of being on the forefront of this transformational process of embodied enlightenment.

Episode 8 entitled Relationships-Part One explores the reason why relationships are the hardest hit in our ascension/awakening experience.

Episode 9, called Relationships, Part two continues the subject of relationships in the new consciousness.  Whether we are in a relationship or flying solo, the relationship with ourselves, with our soul, is the most important one as we move into our embodied enlightenment.