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Maria’s Enlightenment Cafe – Q/A

This page is dedicated to many questions that have been asked regarding enlightenment and ascension.  These questions and concerns seem to be a theme with many at this time.  This page will be updated as new questions arise, so check back.  Maria


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Q:  I have less and less patience with noisy neighbors, and people in general.  I thought being enlightened meant I would become more patient and understanding.

A:  Your impatience is understandable, especially as you become more and more sensitive.  You are being dismantled from the inside out. Tolerance for ‘bullshit’ is at an all time low!  Also, the impatience comes from being rather bored now, because you are through with duality and with the old ways, and you are not quite sure about what is in store, but you do know that there is something more.  An ascending human is not always a peaceful human.  Honor your irritable moods.  The less you resist them, the quicker they will pass.

Q:  No matter what I do, I can’t seem to lose weight.

A:  The body is doing everything it can to help embody spirit.  While there are numerous reasons for the extra weight, your body will eventually balance itself out and the weight will just come off without effort.  While eating sensibly and exercising are good, don’t let yourself get sucked into regimes and diets.  The body has it’s own wisdom if it’s not interfered with by the mind.

Q:  Is it too late for soul ascension?

A:  It is never too late for the integration of body and spirit, of ascension.  If you are asking that question, you have already made the decision on a soul level.  All you have to do is allow the process.  That includes allowing the seeming emotional, physical and mental ‘chaos’ which is just the recalibration process.   You are in good hands.

Q:  I have recurring cystitis.  Is this an ascension symptom?

A:  The ascension, Light Body Process has an effect on the chakras, the energy centers of the body.  While it would be difficult to diagnose this as purely an ascension symptom, many going through this process seem to be suffering from cystitis, and bladder issues.  The lower chakras are coming back into balance and are experiencing a healing crisis.

Q:  I keep repeating patterns in my life.  What could my soul be trying to tell me?

A:  Many old patterns are coming up now to be healed.  They may have their origin in childhood, or they may be from past lifetimes, but your focus in the ‘Now’ and your desire to release anything that is not for your highest good is all you need, and then to trust that your soul is doing it’s ‘job’.  The key is self-acceptance and self-love.  Being there for you, and making yourself your priority.

Q:  I’m scared and I feel alone.

A:  This transformational process is not easy.  It renders one confused and feeling alone.  You are releasing everything you were, and there are few humans on the same path compared to the world’s population.  But, dear soul, you are prepared.  And, you are truly not alone.  You have assistance from your non-physical family, and there is a growing global community going through the same process.  Reach out to them in any way that feels good.  And remember, you are a teacher on the deepest level.  You are going through this to be a better teacher for those who will follow you.

Q:  Why am I so bored?  I seem to have lost my passion and feel so disconnected from others and activities I used to enjoy.

A:  This is a typical symptom of ascension.  You are not who you think you are.  You are an angel having a human experience.  And as you begin to recognize that fact, and you disconnect from the collective consciousness, you will feel bored.  You feel like you have lived so many lives, done so much experiencing, and now you are so ready for something new.  You are literally moving into a new lifetime while remaining in the same body.  Know that this too shall pass.

Q:  Am I worthy of a spiritual awakening?

A:  This question goes to the heart of this life changing transformation.  The ascension is the integration of body, mind and spirit.  The human self has separated itself from spirit, and now spirit is ‘coming home’ to you.  Ascension is the total acceptance of the human and the god-self.  It is the human self that asks the question, “Am I worthy?”  And it is the human self that needs the most love and acceptance.   You are worthy of embodying spirit simply because you exist.  You do not need to ‘prove’ worthiness, or try to ‘perfect’ yourself to be worthy of the love from spirit, for you are spirit in flesh.  There is truly no separation.

Q:  I can’t seem to cut emotional ties.

A:  If someone is still in your life that you feel you need to release, there is a reason.  Perhaps there are some issues they are highlighting for you.  Sometimes others are mirrors for what we are not seeing in ourselves.  If someone appears always needy of your attention, maybe you are not paying attention to your own needs.  Just know that the relationship will take care of itself as you just focus on yourself, and stay true to your own needs and desires.

Q:  I am struggling with money.  I remember a time when I had enough money.  But now it seems harder to make money.

This is a universal topic with those moving closer to their spirit selves.  In past lifetimes, money was equated with spiritual poverty.  It was noble to give up the comforts of the physical world in order to become closer to ‘god.’  Now these beliefs are being dismantled.  The closer you get to spirit, the more these old patterns will come up to be cleared.  Also, you will find that the old ways of earning money won’t work because they are not engaging the heart.  If you are not doing things from a place of joy, because you love doing them, you find that the money doesn’t flow.  You can no longer compromise your joy for a paycheck.  You now have the opportunity, with the crystalline energies flooding the planet, to invite in the abundance that you are.  It will take practice, patience, and trust, but you will find that, more and more, your needs will be more than provided for, that you will attract more money, and that you have the balance necessary to keep that flow in your life.

Q:  It feels like my life is falling apart.  Things feel overwhelming and seem to be getting worse. What am I doing wrong?

A:  you are not doing anything wrong.  This ascension process will often tear thing apart, creating what seems to be chaos and struggle.  But what is happening is you are releasing old patterns that no longer serve you.  Things come up physically,emotionally, and in other ways so that they can be released.  Your soul wants you to invite her in to love you unconditionally, and if you step aside, she can clear up all those imbalances for you.  Your mind can’t do it.  You are being asked to trust that what you need will be given.  Often the imbalances are highlighting places where you are not loving or respecting yourself.  They are a beautiful gift to you from you and they will move you out of your comfort zone into more self love.  This is a requirement for embodied enlightenment. You can’t move forward with your enlightenment with the burden of emotional or physical imbalances.