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My Art – Sovereign Woman

image-19My art is an expression from my soul, and she loves creating endless portraits of women.  These women are from the past and from the future.  They hold a place in time and they express the energies of a balanced masculine and feminine, of light and so called ‘dark’.  image-76They are expressions of  a woman who is confident, who knows who she is.  She embodies the sensual nature of spirit and human.

She has no problem speaking on behalf of her eternal self.  She is self-loving and loves expressing herself.  image-93She is self contained, sovereign, and sets her own standard of what a beautiful woman looks like.  She has let her old story go.  She has the fire of spirit burning in her eyes.  She is the new, enlightened woman.

I lived a lifetime in Africa some 2000 years ago as the much wanted daughter of a Chief of a tribe.  I was the spiritual liaison for the elders, helping them to connect to nature.  The art I create helps me to connect to that lifetime and to the wisdom I shared. image-98image-89