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My Artwork/The Goddess Returns

The Goddess Returns Artwork

The images I create connect me with the Goddess energy in myself and the earth. They reflect the re-emergence of the divine feminine. We all have within us the divine feminine, whether we are male or female. My artwork helps me to get in touch with my intuition, wisdom and magic. I take elements of pop culture and combine them with tribal or other dimensional figures to evoke a feeling of inner strength and wisdom.

The image of woman is an endless source of personal expression for me. These are images the world needs to see. We are used to seeing women depicted as sexual and decorative. We need to go beyond these images and see women as powerful, passionate, self-contained; as setting their own standards of beauty, and not giving into the cultural norm of the day. They are body, spirit and soul. They embody the feminine energies of intuition, nurturing, and receiving, and the masculine energies of standing up for themselves; setting boundaries, supporting themselves, expressing themselves.

Every woman wants to be fully herself, not just one or two aspects that society deems important. She wants to express her emotions, not just the ‘polite’ ones. These women are not divas, nor are they demure…These formidable creatures with their full-figured bodies and strong arms and legs, walk toward and embrace a full and passionate life. They are ageless and timeless.   They hold a place in time for me, and others who are ready to take up space, to honor themselves fully as both masculine and feminine.

IMG_0038Celebrating the feminine is not restricted to just women. The balance of the male/female qualities needs to exist in both sexes. The goddess is returning and she brings with her a light that cannot be extinguished!

 You can view more of my original art on this blog in the sidebar, titled, Maria’s Journal Drawing Series and My Art:  Sovereign Women.