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My Musical Journey

My Songs reflect my journey. A sacred journey of self-discovery. Around 2001, I moved to Florida and reconnected with an estranged cousin of mine. Andy and I enjoyed jamming together, he on harmonica and me on my guitar. I hadn’t played it much since I purchased it in the 80’s. He was self taught and played mostly Greek and Italian songs.

microphone-1261793Eventually we were performing at local restaurants and other venues in Tarpon Springs. I went from accompanying him on my guitar to singing some standard songs during our performance. The audience responded well, and I felt encouraged to develop a body of songs of my own.  While we produced a rudimentary album of songs, all Greek and Italian, I had a growing desire to express my own sound, so I started recording my own songs using a Tascam analog reorder and transferring that to digital cd.

After my cousin passed away, I went on to perform on my own, and went to the next level of performing, recording and producing my own music.  Thanks to the generous gifts from Doug Hall, I was able to create studio quality sound productions using a Mac Computer, a Yeti mic, keyboard, my voice and my guitar and a program called Garageband. The songs have evolved into a sound I feel is very healing and soothing.

black-and-white-1211923For the most part I am self-taught, and I never could warm up to music theory.  I believe music is most brilliant when it is authentic and comes from the heart and the soul. And while the technical aspects are important, minor ‘flaws’ can be overlooked when feelings of the piece are experienced. My songs are not overproduced, and contain feelings without being sentimental.  They are etheric yet grounding, and they are infused with the new energy.



Doug Hall’s generous gifts have made these music productions possible.




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