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My Songs reflect my journey. A sacred journey of self-discovery. Over a decade ago, around 2001, I reconnected with an estranged cousin of mine and began a whole new life. Andy and I enjoyed jamming together, he on harmonica and me on my 30 year old guitar. I hadn’t played it much since I purchased it in the 80’s. He played mostly Greek and Italian songs.

Eventually we were performing at local restaurants and other venues in Tarpon Springs. I went from accompanying him on my guitar to singing some standard songs during our performance. The audience responded well, and I felt encouraged to develop a body of songs of my own.

After my cousin passed away, I went on to perform on my own, and to creating and producing my own music cd’s and mp3’s. Thanks to the generous gifts from Doug Hall, I was able to create studio quality sounds using a Mac Computer, a Yeti mic, keyboard, my voice and my guitar and a program called Garageband.

For the most part I am self-taught, never feeling drawn to music theory. I believe music is most brilliant when it is authentic and comes from the heart and the soul. And while the technical aspects are important, minor ‘flaws’ can be overlooked when feelings of the piece are experienced.  My songs are not overproduced, and contain feelings without being sentimental.

Here is a general description of a selection of the songs.

1.  The River  In the new energy, life is more relaxed, like allowing the river to carry us without fighting to swim upstream, against our desires.

2.  Angelic Realms   As souls, we all came from various star systems, including the blue planet we know as earth.  We’ve traveled far and wide and have had countless life experiences.   Eventually we all will go through the ascension, in which we will integrate our body of consciousness…we will awaken to the gods that we are….Gods having a human experience.  We are grand beyond anything our mind can conceive of…we are expanding beyond anything we can imagine.

3.  Nature  This song helps to ground our energies and return to our authentic self…melding our human and divine.  The melody and energies speak to Gaia, nourishing our body, soul and spirit.

4.  My Sanctuary  Reconnecting to our inner home, where we are at peace, feel loved, safe and eternal.

5.  You Are My Destiny  We have searched for eons for our soul-mate, which is actually our own soul.

6.   Came Here To Open Up The Door  It is time to take our place as the divine humans we are.   Owning our path, our uniqueness, honoring our bravery to venture into unknown realms and shine our light in the darkness.

7.  Everybody Ought To Be Their Own Best Friend  We need to celebrate our inner child.  To love ourselves totally.  To allow ourselves to be playful.  For that is where our joy and creativity lives.

8.  Forest Dance  This song helps to ground us and get us in touch with our sensuality and open up our kundalini.   Sensuality is not just sexual, it’s our life force energy and can be expressed in many ways.

9.  All Nite Long  Celebrating our creativity and being able to stand out as a unique expression of god.  No longer hiding, but being the lead singer in our own band.  Finding our own spiritual family of like-minded souls…healing lonliness.

10.  Antaruna  This song helps bring in self love and sensuality.  It helps us to meld our Feminine and Masculine energies.

11.  Message From Spirit  Listening to this song will help you get in touch with your male energy….helping you to honor the father within, and allow him to set boundaries in relationships, and with your own inner critic.  It also helps to activate your creative vision and manifest your dreams into reality.

12.  Napoli  This song opens the heart chakra, helping us to feel without judgement of ourselves.  It opens us up to love.


Doug Hall’s generous gifts have made these music productions possible

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