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Justice Is Served


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Won’t you indulge me this opinion-piece on current events?

The recent Kavanaugh-Ford hearings is making everybody mad.  It seems to be bringing up anger, even rage in many people.

Putting aside politics, and the current judicial system for a moment, I think both people were credible.  But not in the way you might think.  Let me explain. Continue reading


Ascension: Letting Go of Our Story

image Credit Maria Chambers

Image Credit Maria Chambers

We talk about ascension as a process in which we let go of our story.  Of releasing our wounds.  Setting our past free.  But that doesn’t mean that what we went through didn’t happen, and it doesn’t mean it didn’t have an impact on our life.  For example if we were abused as a young child, emotionally or physically, it shouldn’t be dismissed as unimportant.  It is a serious and life altering event.  As are numerous other experiences. Continue reading