Are You Ready For Your Financial Fortune?

moneyThat may sound like a silly question. You say, of course I am ready to receive my financial fortune. I deserve it. I put my time in with developing self-love and cultivating a relationship with my soul. Now I wish to reward myself with plenty of money so that I can truly enjoy life here on the planet. Continue reading “Are You Ready For Your Financial Fortune?”

New Abundance Streams

Many of us who chose this lifetime to awaken, to take on embodied enlightenment, arranged to create a lifestyle, probably unbeknownst to us on a conscious level, so we could devote ourselves more fully to that awakening process.

That lifestyle may have involved government assistance, the financial support of a spouse or family member, or perhaps some of us had windfalls or family inheritances that kept us afloat.  and in so doing, we didn’t need to work for a period of time or worked just part time.  We knew it was imperative to have minimal distractions and a full-time job or career or family could pose a major distraction.

So our basic needs were met and we could more easily devote ourselves to taking the inner journey, which left many of us physically and emotionally exhausted!  We needed time and energy to devote to ourselves and our bodies. Continue reading “New Abundance Streams”