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Nothing Left To Overcome

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As I sit here with my dark roast, contemplating this whole embodied enlightenment deal, I wonder why so many of us have been feeling kind of lost.  Like we have no real passion or direction.  Why is it so difficult to accept that we are in a void and need to just allow this process?

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The New Enlightened Woman

While both women and men can take on the energetic role of emotional caretaker, women especially have been entrenched in it for eons of time.  While the feminine energies of compassion and nurturing have their place, women in general have gone beyond that to taking on the emotional and even the physical burdens and issues of others.

This was done primarily to make others more comfortable.  Often it was done to keep others from becoming angry or hurtful to them.  For self-protection and self-preservation.  Women especially have had a history of being under the control of their male counterparts, and in order to feel safe from the other’s anger, women would try to control them with over nurturing and fostering a type of dependency.  Women would take on the role of victim, to get what they believed to be some amount of attention and love.

Even today, with women’s liberation, women still find themselves in the role of caretaking the needs of others, often at the expense of their own joy and freedom.  They continue to play in the victim energies.  You only have to look around at your own family, your own community to see that women for the most part are not free.  They may be financially free, but not free to truly express their own selves.

Men also suffer their own prison, being stuck in the mind.  Traditionally men have gotten their value and worth from being the protectors and financial providers for women, while women have gleaned their identity from being the emotional providers.  Outside of this role, they feel lost.  They wonder, who am I then?  But most women haven’t posed that question to themselves.  We on the forefront of ascension have begun to ask ourselves that question, especially those of us in the older generation.  We may feel uncomfortable without identifying ourselves in that role, but it’s not as uncomfortable as continuing to play that role.  We didn’t have many role models of a truly liberated woman.  Even within homosexual and lesbian relationships, often one partner will be playing one role or the other, according to their own history and proclivity.  But I will say that within the person who is gay, there is in general a much better balance of the masculine and feminine.

As we awaken and begin the process of loving ourselves more, we notice that we feel in our bodies and emotions all of the ancient, stuck energies that are coming up to be released.  Energies that had been repressed by our mothers, and their mothers, and by women in general.  Feelings such as shame, guilt and anger.  It can feel overwhelming, especially if we were taught to be accommodating, sweet, gentle, and nurturing to others…even self-sacrificing in the name of love…that was at one time seen as a virtue!

As we face feelings of anger, resentment, sadness, we need not judge them as bad.  They are just the energies that have been repressed.  Energies that we have inherited from our female lineage.  All we need do is accept those emotions…and share our love with them.  Then they can be set free.  These repressed energies can also come in as physical illnesses and diseases.  The same principle applies:  accept them, give them your love.  But keep in mind that the physical body is the last to catch up with the consciousness changes, and it needs more patience.

The ‘needing to be needed’ on an emotional level is being replaced by loving ourselves and by taking care of our own needs first.  For women that is a radical shift.  I’ve seen too many women (at times, including myself) have to become sick physically in order to give themselves permission to stop giving and giving.  I’ve seen women die of cancer because they were not aware that their role as caretaker was literally killing them.

Not all women are ready for their freedom, but many are.  And they are looking for the new role models.


The new enlightened woman is a brave breed indeed.  She is someone who has the deepest compassion for herself first, for what she has been through and is still going through.  She knows it’s not about being super woman, being the perfect wife, mother, girlfriend, boss, or about having the perfect body.  She’s way past that.  She actually cares less and less about fulfilling anyone else’s idea of what she is supposed to be.  She cares most about how she feels.  And that has taken awhile because she had been so caught up in everyone else’s world for so long that she didn’t have a clue how she really felt.

So she’s not terribly interested in making others comfortable anymore.  That was exhausting!  She may enjoy connecting with others, but trusts her feelings if that interaction becomes unbalanced.  She knows if things have crossed the line in terms of over nurturing by how she feels…if it doesn’t feel good, then it’s not good for all concerned.  She is being prompted to stop and take care of herself.  She loves her own company and enjoys spending lots of time alone.  Not just a few minutes here and there.  She is beginning to take herself seriously and she wants her relationship to herself and her soul to be the most important relationship in her life.  She may even prefer to live a solitary life, with no mate or partner.

Sometimes she feels lonely, but she’s finding that she would rather be lonely than compromise herself in a relationship that doesn’t honor her soul.  And as she acknowledges her own soul, she is less lonely.  She also knows she has a new family right there at her fingertips, online, who are also going through this transformation, who can give her the support she needs.  She need not do this alone.

She knows that moving into her freedom will make some people angry.  especially other women.  It’s why she has kept her light from shining too brightly.  She was reluctant to make other women feel uncomfortable if they saw a women who was owning their Christ Consciousness.  Other women wanted her to stay in victimhood with them.  But that no longer stops the enlightened woman from continuing on her path.  She has tasted her freedom and she knows there is no turning back.

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Anger And Ascension (Update)

Art by Maria Chambers

I wrote about anger and the ascension process about a year ago: ( but I thought it necessary to mention it again because, with the incoming energies on the planet, things are heating up within us and in the world outside us. Continue reading


Anger and Ascension

Many on the forefront of ascension, and if you are reading this and are drawn to similar subject matter, you are on the forefront of the ascension movement….are experiencing anger and frustration, irritability and impatience.  With themselves and with others.  They could be feeling quite peaceful, and the sudden loud noise from a neighbor’s house or apartment will set them off.  They may feel intense anger and this upsets them.  After all, aren’t those who are awakening supposed to be loving toward others?  And here they are ready to chop their neighbor’s head off.

If you find yourself feeling angry, even enraged at things and people do not think there is something wrong with you or that you are not spiritual.  First, anger is one of those emotions that spiritual people like to hide under the rug!  And we all know what happens when we do that.  It’s like trying to keep the lid on a boiling pot of water.

There may be many different reasons for the anger or frustration, but bottom line is, if it is suppressed, it will find expression, often in not so nice ways.  Maybe illness, an accident, or even depression.  Sometimes the anger is generated from feelings of helplessness, like we have no control over circumstances.  Sometimes it is an indication that our boundaries have been crossed.  As lightworkers, we are notorious for allowing others to feed off of us, and to stay in situations or relationship way past their expiration date.  Often we hang onto them for fear that we will be all alone in the world.  Or we fear that we do not know who we are outside of the role of care taker to others.

Often the anger is old and is just coming up to be released.  It’s just old stuck energy.  Anger can also be used as a fuel to get us moving.  Out of the anger springs a new desire to have something better.  Maybe you want more financial independence, better health, more inner peace, more self-love.  Just as fuel launches a rocket into space, so your anger can launch your new desires.  Sometime in our future we may not need to create in this way, but for now we have this anger, which is simply one form of available energy, to work with.

So judging ourselves as wrong for feeling angry is unnecessary.

Another reason for the anger and frustration and intolerance is that we are advanced souls living on a Planet where duality is dominant.  At this stage of our awakening we have run out of patience for bullshit.  No sense mincing words here.  We simply can’t put up with compromising ourselves, in jobs or relationships that we can’t connect with.  We find ourselves able to connect with others on their level, since we have been where they are at.  But they can’t connect with us at our level.  So we find ourselves adjusting to relate to them, which can leave us tired and frustrated.  I’m not talking about the polite exchanges with others in passing at the grocery store or coffee shop, but those we find ourselves more involved with.  It’s why it is essential to create a sanctuary for ourselves, a place all our own, to rebalance regularly.

It’s intense out there, and being empaths, we are picking up on the prevailing energies of others, of what is going on in the world, and even the astral realms….all are being affected by the new energies.  We have been processing the heavy energies for others for eons, but in the new consciousness that is no longer a requirement.

Another reason for the anger and impatience is that we are bored.  We have pretty much ‘done it all.’  We are at the later stages of enlightenment while most others are at the very beginning stages.  We know there is more, that there is something beyond the world of duality, but we are still doubting.  It’s like having all your belongings all packed, you are so ready to move, but you don’t know where that is exactly.  You just know that you no longer feel like a good fit where you now reside.

So please do not judge the anger or the frustration.  See it as a sign that you are even closer to your freedom.  And use the anger as a fuel when that feels appropriate.  If you recognize the anger for what it truly is, you need not fear hurting anyone else or yourself.  As you give the emotions space to come and go, you will have no need to misdirect it toward others.

So, regardless of where the anger originates, we can use it as a fuel and we can also allow it to come and go, not holding onto it or claiming it as ours or as something to wrestle with. Find a voice for the feeling.    Our new body of consciousness is forming and is capable of keeping the emotional body free of stuck energies in the form of fear or anger or depression.  Our newly forming light body does not hold those emotions, so the new human has freed up their energies to manifest more easily their hearts desires.

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