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From Walking The Fence To Picking A Side

7B6BC840-8850-4CF5-8056-77998E0B99D4.jpegJust now here at the cafe I was trying to be extra careful with my iPad.  I just bought a new case for it, and it’s nice, but not as protective around the edges as the last one.  So I was being ginger with it. Making sure no liquids were too close to it at my table. It was a concern that ironically caused me to spill my venti cup of water all over the table, the chair and the floor.

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The Messy Human and the Master


When you see this sticker on your paper towels, you just had yourself a concierge service

This morning I had a maid service come in to do a top to bottom cleaning of my apartment.  Every so often I call the service, usually when the place is one step before an intervention.  No, I jest.  But it was getting pretty dusty and grimy in there.

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