Our soul isn’t that interested in saving the world.  The world is just fine.  Humanity is just where they need to be.  At this point our soul wants to savor this time and space reality and wants to express the joy that is natural to it.  Dare we do that?  Dare we just relax and expect life to serve us as we choose in each moment what brings us the most joy?  I don’t think there’s any other way to set ourselves free.

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New Energy, Cool New Tools

Image credit Maria Chambers

I love creating art using a couple of apps on my iPad Pro. Recently I discovered a much loved app is no longer being supported by my software.  I notified customer support and they said it is being replaced with an upgrade.  But some customer reviews were dissatisfied with the updated version, claiming that it doesn’t have the simplicity, ease or options of the earlier one.

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