Brand New Day

Graphic by Maria Chambers

Will the current global pandemic, Corona, awaken the masses?  Well, the potential is there, of course.  Some will awaken to the realization that they were playing a game called survival.  They will begin to recognize that there is much more than the human mind and body.  But for most, they will just continue playing the game, and replace this crisis with something else.

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Not Doing, Not Fixing. Just Allowing

Graphic credit Maria Chambers

Many are wondering why certain physical issues are not healing.  Various methods and modalities are used, with little to no results.  Those same methods may be working for others, so there’s a lot of frustration.  Or things that may have worked in the past no longer do.  In fact, the conditions may even worsen.

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No More Tolerating, Settling, and Compromising

Art by Maria Chambers

Remember when we were little our guardians would guilt us into eating our spinach or our carrots by reminding us that there are starving children in the world?  And, if we were complaining about a situation, a well-meaning friend would tell us they have it much worse off.  That we should appreciate what we have.

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