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Clarity and Compassion


Art by Maria Chambers

Years ago I wanted to leave my coffee community of 15 years.  I knew it was time to move on, but I didn’t think I could.  There was a lot of emotion connected to the place and the people.  One day I was sitting in my usual booth, that I had grown to love, that felt like a safe haven from the world, and I heard a voice, that of a little child, saying, “Mommy, can we stay?  I don’t want to go.”  To which I responded, “Yes, of course we can,  We will stay as long as we like…..until we are ready.” Continue reading


The only way out is in


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This morning at Starbucks a man who I know, who has been coming here as long as I have, and who is here every day, said he was feeling particularly lonely.  We don’t sit and have long conversations with each other, but we catch a few words with each other now and then. Continue reading


Wishy-Washy Won’t Work

Image by Maria Chambers

When it comes to embodied enlightenment, subtle doesn’t work.  Why?  Well, because real change comes only at the heels of disruption.  When our lives are traumatized.  We have all had that wake up call, some more unceremoniously than others.
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