Raindrops keep falling on my head


“Men aren’t supposed to cry except at funerals and the Grand Canyon.”  ~ Ron Swanson from Parks and Recreation

Today was an interesting demonstration of the metaphor of water.  First, it was a rainy day, with intermittent showers, not unusual for this time of year in Florida.  But it’s been especially stormy because of some influencing hurricane and tropical storm activity in the Atlantic Ocean.

It’s hurricane season and it’s nature’s way and the way of consciousness to clear stuck energies.

So, onto the stories.

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The Look

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This morning as I walked into Panera, I went for my usual seat at the counter, where they keep the wall plugs, so I can recharge my iPad that seems to be losing juice more frequently (that’s another story). I dumped my stuff on the counter. The barista I know there allows me to sit at the counter, even though it breaks the six foot rule. They are getting a little more lax these days.


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