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Sculpture by Maria Chambers

Years ago, when I was a practicing artist, I would spend hours in my studio, a.k.a. kitchen, sculpting from clay, and painting on stretched canvasses.  I recall the feeling I had afterward, as I went out for lunch or coffee.  There was a buzz throughout my body.  I was in an altered state.

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New Energy, Cool New Tools


Image credit Maria Chambers

I love creating art using a couple of apps on my iPad Pro. Recently I discovered a much loved app is no longer being supported by my software.  I notified customer support and they said it is being replaced with an upgrade.  But some customer reviews were dissatisfied with the updated version, claiming that it doesn’t have the simplicity, ease or options of the earlier one.

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The Mind, Power and Creativity


I am so grateful that we have someone like Donald Trump to use as an example of the human mind run amok. He wants total control. Yet he has no clue what he’s doing, and is willing to crush anyone who disagrees with him or is not loyal to him and him alone. The more control he is granted, without checks and balances, the more irrational he becomes. He trusts no one. He wants to appear strong, because underneath, he is terrified he is weak and vulnerable. So his ego is fragile, and paper-thin.

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Is It Time To Express? Is It Time To Share?

Art by Maria Chambers

I have mentioned in other posts that we are always expressing.  And if we aren’t allowing ourselves to express our voice, another part of us will find ways to do that.  Even if it’s through bodily imbalances, and emotions like depression. Continue reading