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I AM The Master

Enjoy my song, Angelic Realms, from my album, Cosmic Blend, while reading the post.

The following is not just me speaking from my human/soul self, it’s also the voice of many of us on the ascension path:

I am the master of my life. I am the one who is at the forefront of this movement, of this transformational process. I am the one who is going through it. I am proud of being one of the few souls who made this the lifetime of embodied enlightenment. I am proud of being the new consciousness teacher and wayshower.  I may appear selfish to others because I am selfish. And I am proud of that too.   I am beginning to love myself so much that I care about how I feel. Why? Because how I feel is everything. How I feel directs the energies at my disposal. How I feel creates my realities. I am that brilliant.  I am that magnificent. I am that awesome. I am that creative.

Yes, energies pull on my heartstrings, I feel the sorrow. Fear resides in my solar plexus. I feel the neurotic thoughts that parade through my mind and sometimes my head hurts. I know, that as the human, I am feeling vulnerable. I am feeling like the victim of my body, of my emotions, of my environment, and of the energies from other people. Yet, are those energies truly mine? Are they my emotions? Is this even my body?  I am in the process of transforming this body into one that reflects my true consciousness. The so-called issues I am experiencing on a physical level are just passing through. They are coming up and wanting to be set free. All energies want to come back into balance. All energies are here to serve me. I am the alchemist. I take energies, no matter where they originated, and I move them, not with my will, but with my love. I move and transmute them with my acceptance and allowing.

And, as I accept and allow these energies, they do transform. And I am also becoming aware that I can choose how I want to feel. There are times when I feel disconnected from my soul. It feels boring and colorless, but I do my best to just be in that space and make peace with it. But I do notice that those times are fewer and more short-lived and there is more of a feeling of connection. More feeling good regardless of my circumstances. I used to think that my circumstances had to change in order for me to feel better. And, sometimes I still do. But, I also realize that feelings can change if I keep identifying with how I want to feel and not make how I don’t want to feel my truth. I choose to make my truth those feelings that feel good to me. I choose to feel fulfilled, I choose to feel adventurous. I choose to feel excited by life. I choose to feel carefree. I choose to feel abundant in resources, and in good health. These feelings are not always within my emotional reach, but sometimes I enjoy just feeling around for them.

And I am becoming adept at just being o.k. with just hanging out, watching movies or programs, sleeping, taking leisurely walks and letting these transformational energies just do what they need to do.  These are my transformational energies.  I summoned them.

But, I learned something. I don’t have to do it by myself. My soul is adept at it because my soul is Joy.  It is bliss.  It is fulfilled. So I don’t have to try or push, I just have to decide how I want to feel. I write down how I want to feel, and interestingly, my soul then is able to magnify those feelings more and more. And then, my circumstances begin to reflect those feelings to me in the form of financial abundance and better feelings in my body.

I noticed that if I make it o.k. to feel whatever I’m feeling, whether it’s fear, anger, sadness, or boredom, that creates a sense of peace, and then from that place I seem to be more in the neighborhood of joy.  I discovered that just being in the vicinity of the lighter, brighter feelings brings in more like them.  More of those feelings are attracted to me.

Earlier, in the beginning stages of my awakening, I was not able to allow all the so-called negative emotions. I was too overwhelmed by them. So, I separated them from my joyful feelings. I pushed the darker feelings away. But, that didn’t really work because they did not just go away. In fact the more I tried to push them away the more they came back even louder.

But, as the master, I am understanding that all is allowed. That, as my soul, there is no limit to the amount of love and acceptance. The love from my soul is all-encompassing. And it does take the master to be able to work with these darker feelings. To not get caught up in them.


I have come to realize that my soul, my divinity is not limited. It does not reside in just my heart space. And, especially as a woman, I have kept my soul from moving into my entire body, because I was afraid I would not be safe. Like so many women, I was afraid I would be considered less than honorable if I expressed my sensuality in my day-to-day life. I was restricting my spirit and I didn’t even realize it. I was afraid to be seen as filled with spirit.

But now, I am in a place where I am feeling more safe to express who I am. And, I created that space for myself, that safe space within myself. I used to look for that safety outside myself, in others, especially in men. But now I have come to know that I have that male energy within me who is there to support me. As I allow more of this safe space within myself, nothing on the outside can take away from that.

So, I am allowing spirit to come through me in a full way. Because that’s how spirit wants to express. Spirit isn’t just peace and calm and pleasant feelings. Spirit is also fire. Spirit is pure creative expression, not just sexually but sensually. It can’t be contained and it also doesn’t exclude parts of me that still feel sad, angry, helpless, vulnerable.  If I incarnated as a man, perhaps I would be experiencing the movement of the energies upward, to my heart space and feel safe to express emotions more and more.

I noticed that when I asked for more energy in my life, either in the form of money or time or resources or even just physically feeling better, the energies did come in, but I was not always ready to receive them. They came in, but they just amplified my feelings of lack of self-worth or of feeling like a victim. I discovered that becoming enlightened did not automatically exclude me from the law of attraction. That as I was allowing more light and love into my life, it brought up parts of me that felt unloved, that felt scared. And, if I allowed myself to accept those parts of me that felt that way as my truth, then I created more of the fear in my life. The energy is that potent.

The energy will just magnify those parts that are out of balance if I choose to make those parts my truth. And these new energies, these crystalline energies are potent. They are not like the earth energies that we are used to working with. So, opening up to more energy can be scary. I knew that as I asked for more energy, it would come. But would I be truly ready to receive it?  I am beginning to understand that it’s part of the human journey to feel vulnerable. To feel victimized. Especially since we had kept our soul at arm’s length for so long. It felt as if we were fighting for our own survival. Who wouldn’t feel vulnerable? So as the master, I am understanding that it is to be compassionate with the human self that I am. And it is also to allow my divine nature to fill-in where my human self is not able to. It is a divine partnership. It is continually unfolding. It is a wonderful time to be alive on this planet.

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