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As we know, there is the physical gravity here on the planet that keeps us grounded. There is also a psychic gravity that prevails. It tends to keep us locked into patterns, beliefs, behaviors, and they all exist in the mental sphere. Continue reading


How Far We Have Come

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Many of us take for granted how far we have come and how much we have advanced in our ascension process.  It’s good to shift our gaze away from the symptoms of ascension and look at our present state of consciousness compared to even a short time ago. Continue reading



So many on the ascension path are feeling detached from what once gave them pleasure, from people they once resonated with, and are experiencing a general sense of aloneness.

Many who are experiencing this are interpreting it as bad.  Something is wrong.  Maybe, they think, I just don’t want to be here anymore.  Life just doesn’t hold the same meaning for me anymore.

But what they are not taking into account is that they are detaching from old energies, from the old way they connected to life, not detaching from life itself.    There is a difference.  For example, many of us have detached from world events and aren’t plugged into the news.  No, we are not burying our heads in the sand, we just know that the world is doing what it does and needn’t affect us.  We have compassion, not pity, for all those on their own sacred path, even if that path is one of war. We are not interested in saving anyone.  We understand that one who is connected to their Soul is millions of times more powerful than millions who are disconnected from their source.

We know that all is well and that we are of greater assistance to others, and to the world if we are in love with ourselves and our own life.  Feeling detached in this case is positive for all concerned.

Feeling detached from friends and family can cause lots of concern and guilt. We are not so available for them emotionally or physically anymore.  We are understanding that the energy of worry toward others just helps perpetuates their issues.  How wonderful that we are finally giving them the gift of solving their own problems.  Of being their own source of comfort and joy.  What a beautiful gift to anyone – to help them to become empowered!

We are detaching from drama, in others and in ourself.  Not responding to emotions that pull us into feelings of hopelessness and powerlessness.  While we honor the feelings, we allow the feelings to come and go.  We’re even detaching from worry about our own medical issues or health issues.  Well meaning friends or family fear we are in denial, but in fact we are finally surrendering it to spirit.  Allowing the healing process to take place without trying to do it ourselves.

We are detaching from goals, plans, from trying to make things happen in our life.  Whether it’s to lose weight, get buff, build a career, you name it.  Many of those things may not be important anymore to us, or if we do desire something, we have a knowing that it is already there, and we just need to allow it into our experience.  It’s the struggle and trying and needing to prove worthiness that we are detaching from.  This may be interpreted by others or ourselves as being lazy, or as wishful thinking.  As not being ambitious. We may still be unfamiliar with our limitless creator abilities, but we do know that the old ways aren’t working.

These feelings of detachment can initially created a void that is interpreted as a loss of identity. Who are we without our old role of caretaker, of artist, musician, writer, wife, mother, father, best friend, even of someone striving for spiritual enlightenment. We may even become detached from that one because we are awakening to the realization that we are already there. We don’t need to seek god, for god is within us, within our bodies and hearts.

So we are systematically detaching from the old ways of doing things.  And this can leave our minds reeling…..wondering what in the world is happening.

What is happening is the most incredible experience a human will ever have!  Releasing old worn out ways of being so they can embrace their soul and create with joy and ease.  To have a partner with them who loves them unconditionally, who has no fears, and who can clear up their disease, their financial lack or create with ease their hearts desires.

So the detachment isn’t an issue, it’s our interpretation of it that brings us pain.  And it’s being in the place that new energy pioneers find themselves:  doubting themselves, being uncertain of what lies ahead, shaking in their boots.

But it’s a place of adventure.  If you are reading this, you are an adventurer.  You love exploring the new and unchartered.  The bigger the adventure, the bigger the fears.  So dear adventurer, give yourself credit for blazing new trails!  You didn’t come here to play it safe.  Don’t let the feelings of detachment be a negative.  See it as a springboard for reconnecting to life in a whole new way.  And that way will make itself known to you, a step at a time.  Your only requirement is to trust that.

 And to continue doing things that bring you joy.  To continue accepting and loving who you are in each moment.


Your New Passion

As we ascend, as we become more light body and bring spirit into our body of consciousness, our old passions begin to go.  What may have been a deep desire no longer holds our attention.

For myself, I used to identify myself as an artist and later, a musician. At one point I couldn’t imagine not singing and performing and recording music.  It was who I was!  Now I enjoy expressing through music occasionally, and through the written word, but I know it’s not who I am.

I used to have a passion to be in a relationship with a ‘significant other.’. Now, while I have some wonderful people in my life, the relationship with myself, with my soul and spirit is my passion.

As we ascend, we may not have the same goals and plans and passions as others around us.  This can leave us temporarily feeling like life is not worth living.  But then we discover that there is a growing new passion for life.  To connect to our true self, and to enjoy life through our soul.  Seeing and hearing and feeling this reality through the soul can be likened to the way a child sees and enjoys the simple things in life.. The things we begin to take for granted.

Sounds almost too simple.  Don’t we have a mission as lightworkers to save souls, to save the planet on some level?  For some lightworkers this is still appropriate.  But if you are reading this and other materials like it, you are at the stage of ascension in which those things are not important anymore.  You understand that everyone is just where they need to be.  You may enjoy working with others who are ready to be in the new energy, but you don’t allow them to feed off you because you know they too have all the tools to ascend.

Most people believe they need to justify their existence by having a ‘purpose.’  This includes those in the spiritual community.  That purpose can even take the form of drama, of having to overcome something….a financial, health, or relationship issue.  An emotional or mental issue.  But you reach a point where you are done with all that.  You come to a point where you do not need goals or plans or purpose in order to enjoy life.

Because your primary passion is to just enjoy life, you may appear selfish to others. For you don’t particularly embrace family or societal  tradition or old energy obligations in relationships.

There is a void between the letting go of old passions and embracing life anew with your soul passion.  During this time don’t be seduced by your mind trying to create artificial passions. It won’t work.  Trying to go back to the old passions simply will not work any more.  Don’t let your mind convince you that you are crazy or that you have lost your desire to be here.  This too shall pass!

Because you have chosen ascension on a soul level, you are stronger than most and have what it takes to get through the void.  You are learning not to pull in drama as a false passion.  You are learning to allow and not push.  To trust that part of yourself called your soul, to take care of the balancing of energies necessary in order to move into mastery.  Your human self is learning to work with your soul.

Together you are beginning to enjoy life on a whole new level.  And as this happens, the physical body feels it and come back into balance, as does the mind and emotions.

It’s a win-win situation!