The Mind is Relieved

The nature preserve behind my apartment

I have written a whole lot about the mind in this transformation process of the merging of  human and divine.  And I have written a whole lot about the state of affairs in the world outside our door, and how one parallels  the other.  But this morning I had one of those aha moments about something I wasn’t so consciously aware of. Continue reading “The Mind is Relieved”

“What Do You Do?”

I talk with a dear long-time friend every so often.  I love him and it always feels good to connect with him.  

We share a lot of laughs, and can talk fluidly about politics, some personal subjects, and art.  But he asked me a question that had me stumped.  Not that I didn’t have a glorious answer, but it was an answer he wouldn’t  be able to understand. Continue reading ““What Do You Do?””