Ascension and Flying Solo: Me, Myself And I

If you are reading this, you most likely know that the more awakened you become, the less you are surrounded by people you can relate to on a soul level.  And, even if you are in a ‘significant’ relationship, you can feel quite alone.  Not necessarily lonely, though, because you have an online community of like-minded souls, that relates to you on the level you appreciate, as you are establishing a relationship with your divinity.  But, on a human, one to one level, with someone you can sit across from, you may be coming up empty. Continue reading “Ascension and Flying Solo: Me, Myself And I”

Soul Talk – Think Big

Your Soul, your Divinity isn’t some lofty, far off being.  She is right there, within you.  She IS you.  You are in the process of remembering that truth.

Have you been talking with your Soul lately?  Sharing your concerns and your dreams?  Because she is listening.  You know those synchronicities you have experienced? That’s your Soul.  The human you could never have orchestrated those happenings.  Being at the right place at the right time. Finding the exact right book or website.  That missing item you were in search of for months suddenly appears almost out of nowhere.  And these things just come to you.  There really is no effort involved. But they are unexpected.  It’s almost as if linear time and space are taken out of the equation.

They are!

Spirit doesn’t operate in the same time-space we do.  Things seem to defy logic when they happen.  We are sometimes amazed at how this person or item or information just landed in our lap.  Perhaps unexpected money.  And, this is where we are going.  This type of synchronicity will become commonplace.  The old, hard way will be but a distant memory.

As we allow our Divine Presence into our bodies and our lives, life does become more fluid.  Things come without effort and struggle.  We finally let go of it having to be hard, of our addiction to The Challenges!  We no longer need extremes.  We no longer need to be broke to understand true prosperity.  We no longer need to be sick to know health.  We may worry, will there be any passion in our life without anything to overcome?  Without an emotional, physical, financial or relationship issue?  Without a little drama, will I even want to tune into my personal soap opera called__________? (Your name here.)

Let’s be honest, don’t we get bored if a movie or TV series doesn’t have some sort of dramatic edge to it?  We love a challenge.  But most of us also love a happy ending!

And in the New Energy, we can still have challenges, but without all the drama.  We can still have passion, but it need not be born from tragedy and struggle.  It will be a new way.  It requires being in the energy of our Soul, our Divine Self more.


So let’s take a glimpse of life with our Soul as our life partner.  In fact, let’s have a conversation with our Soul:

CHRIS DIMAN (DIMAN=DIVINE HUMAN):  Good morning dear SOUL.  Is it true that one day I will no longer need to address you as separate from me?

SOUL:  Absolutely.  We are in essence one.

CHRIS:  Good.  I want to imagine myself living a life filled with joy and passion, but it’s not coming easily to me, the allowing myself to dream big.

SOUL:  Well sometimes it’s o.k. to start small, and just enjoy the moments.  Just get to a feeling good place, no matter the circumstances, and I can magnify that feeling.  You represent all those on the awakening path, and you are all doing fine.  Have patience.  I do. I have eternal patience, but I also know having a physical body in such a dense environment is challenging, and this transformation is wearing you down at times.

 But you all are beginning to trust yourself and this who!e process of us melding.

CHRIS:  I feel your PRESENCE, and have invited you in many times in my life, through my art, my music, my other creative expressions.

SOUL:  And all those synchronicities.  And I look forward to us being together in such a way that you allow me to love you, and then your, our whole life becomes fluid and synchronistic.

But, I have patience.  I know it will take time for you to trust in my love once again.  And without you wondering what price you must pay for that love.  Well, the price you pay will be feeling a love that truly has no bounds.  A love that will blow you away.  Oh, you wanted to believe I was there, in your darkest moments.  But, because you were still trying to do it alone, I had to honor that.  That is how much I love you.  You see, you are not familiar as a human with that type of love.  The love between humans is filled with agenda and expectations and one is always trying to push their wants and beliefs on the other.

CHRIS:  I feel I have been listening to you more.  Loving myself more, including my disenfranchised self.  Trying less, relaxing more.

SOUL:  You have!  You are inviting me in closer and you are owning my voice over the voice of your fears and concerns.  You are inviting me along in your day to day activities.  Like food shopping.  Do you notice how much more fun it is with me along?  The aromas and beautifully packaged products…even your fellow shoppers.

And traffic flows better when I’m driving with you.  Lines at the coffee shop move quicker.

But have you noticed that with certain activities, or being with certain people, you are feeling bored?  I’m bored too.  That’s me gently nudging you to consider other options.  There were so many times in your life when you finally left certain groups, activities, jobs, and even relationships because they no longer engaged your soul – me.

You know, my love, I also have my preferences.  I will not get involved in drama, trauma, playing victim, or anything that engages just the mind, and not the heart.  You’re on your own there!   If you’re eating something you consider delicious, and savoring each bite, I’m there.  But if you’re eating something you consider healthy but are not enjoying it, well, then neither am I.  If you are belittling yourself, and believing all the thoughts that come from your mind that disrespect you, I will not participate.

CHRIS:  So do your preferences override mine?  Because it feels like this whole ascension process is not in my control.

SOUL:  I won’t argue that one!  This ascension was a soul agreement.  But, how you go through it is also up to you.  Kicking and screaming, or gracefully.  At this stage in your awakening its safe to say you know I am here, and that we can work together to make this process easier.

CHRIS:  Really?  Because it feels so much of the time like ________!!!!

SOUL:  Wow, you may want to edit out that last word!  I understand.  You as just the human have a long, long past to base that feeling on.  You have been disrespected, even killed, for your beliefs.  You have been abandoned and rejected.  Used and abused.  And you have also played the role of perpetrator.  But, this new energy is called new for a reason….it is NOT based on your past.  And as a human it’s hard to get ‘past’ that.

But to answer your question, we now are coming together as partners, who love and respect each other.  You as the human self get to have your needs met, and I as soul get to experience life through you.   Just as with another human, our relationship requires open and honest communication.   Talk to me about your needs and concerns, and then trust I will take care of them for you.  But you need to let go of how and when.  That’s the trust part.

Bu, I caution you, dear sweet love, as I look at your dwelling, or the job you have, or your friends through your eyes, I may say, “so, this is your big dream?”  Because if you leave it up to me, I would be living in the most luxurious of homes.   I would be driving a very expensive sports car,  I would travel first class and wear the finest of clothing.  The most expensive meals would be savored by me, in the finest of restaurants…but I would also enjoy sipping coffee and a gooey desert or two (that’s right, I wouldn’t worry about my waistline) at a local cafe, just enjoying light conversations with the locals!!!  I would do my shopping at the most beautiful of stores.  Certainly not Wal-Mart!

I would enjoy life experiencing the best of everything, on an emotional and sensual level.  And why not?  We deserve it!!!

But, dear sweet partner.  I also honor you and your preferences.  And if you want those things I mentioned, or a mix and blend of them, I also know it takes time to feel you are ready.  And then I can create them for you.  And we can meld our preferences, yours and mine, into a life that will leave you wanting even more.  Why?  Because you, we, are always growing, and unfolding.

CHRIS:  Thanks my dear soul…now, let’s go get that ice cream cone!!

SOUL:  I’m on board with that!!

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Are You In Your Body?


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Now that you are here and going through emotional and or physical issues, you are wondering why it seems so difficult. Well, as we know things always seem easier when we’re not in our body. When we were nonphysical between lifetimes we recognized our abilities and we knew who we were and what we are capable of. Continue reading “Are You In Your Body?”