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The Self-Help Mentality and the New Consciousness

36049805-c2df-46e7-bd01-36abd8183b9cEnlightenment.  It’s hard.  It tears your life apart.  Most of the Ascended Masters of the past left this planet pretty soon after their enlightenment.  Sticking around wasn’t a real option because they hadn’t prepared themselves or their bodies to make it practical.  Those of us who have decided to stay are going through Embodied enlightenment.  And, it’s also no picnic.
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Ghosts of our Past


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It seems in the world outside our door many people are wanting to get to know themselves.  But, not in the way that we have.  They want to know who they are, in terms of their ancestors.  There is a popular PASTime sweeping the free world in which people can easily test their DNA to see where they hail from.  To learn their connections and their family tree. Continue reading


Happy New……Life!

920F1F48-86C1-45CB-8BEA-386AA988D378This is the time of year that we exchange, Happy New Year!  with each other. But many of us aren’t really feeling much of a difference from 2018 to 2019.  And as we go deeper into this process, we are less and less attached to time anyway.  But what we are going to be celebrating, or might want to consider celebrating, is our new life. Continue reading