Coming Out

Art by Maria Chambers

(Author’s note:  You may have noticed that I have been publishing more frequently than usual.  While on ‘vacation’ last month, I ended up feeling inspired and writing more than expected.  Consequently I have a few posts in the queue.)

I have a dear friend who I have known for almost 50 years.  I witnessed him going through, and helped him through the toughest times in his life.  The time he began embracing his homosexuality.  It couldn’t have been easy, dissolving a five-year marriage to a woman, and being misunderstood, even rejected by those he was closest to.  And living as someone who is only a shadow of who he really is for all those years. Continue reading “Coming Out”

Expressing Our Soul

Art by Maria Chambers

Some people say they are not creative or expressive. But in actuality, they are expressing all the time. Perhaps not in the traditional way we know that to be, through an art form, music, writing, theatre and other forms. But being in physical is a form of expression. Our body is expressing on our behalf all the time. It expresses repressed emotions in the form of illness and imbalance. Same for our mind. And our life. Whatever we see around us in our environment, the people, the events in our personal lives, are all forms of expression, telling the story of our life. Continue reading “Expressing Our Soul”

Express Yourself

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Enjoy my song, JUNE BUGS, while reading the post.  Listening to the music helps to ground the message.

During this amazing transformational process we experience all kinds of emotions, from joy to hopelessness and everything in between. We all know how difficult this can be on our bodies, minds and hearts.  It often challenges us to our core.

It’s imperative to give voice to these emotions.  A powerful tool for feeling, expressing and releasing these emotions is by journalling.  Writing down what you are feeling, what you are experiencing without judgment or censor.  You need not share this journal with anyone.

I find that when I do this, it helps transform the heavier feelings into more joyful ones, and then the writing takes a turn and thoughts and feelings come out that I didn’t even know were there.  Writing without censorship, just for you, is a powerful tool of transformation and ascension acceleration.

Instead of writing, you can express through drawing, painting or singing, dancing….any of a numbers of forms.  The goal here isn’t to be perfect at it, but to just allow yourself the freedom of feeling and expressing your innermost emotions.  They may result in a finished product you want to share, but do the expressing for YOURSELF.

 You may think you have nothing to express, but rest assured, once you put pen to paper, and just begin writing, you will be amazed at what comes out.  And you will most likely begin channeling your spirit in the process.  You will be amazed by the depth of your wisdom and spiritual knowledge.  You will be pulling things seemingly out of nowhere, but they are coming from your soul.

Many of you are already doing this and can attest to the power of this process.  The writing is a grounding process.  As is the drawing and painting.  The trick is to not get intellectual with it.  Stay in the heart as much as possible.

Then, when you feel satisfied with getting those feelings out, take some time to write what your heart truly desires.  Anything and everything is o.k.  pretend you are a little girl or boy and you are writing to Santa Clause, or to your fairy godmother.  Write it all down.  Everything you want, physically, and emotionally…..nothing is excluded.  Again , don’t judge your desires.  Don’t see them as too big or as inappropriate.

Or begin writing the next chapter in your life.  Put it in present tense.  What kind of a lifestyle do you have?  Where do you live?  Is it a big house in the country, or a beautiful flat in the city?  How does it FEEL to be in that place?  Are you travelling?  Stay with feelings and not just the visual.

Your imagination is your canvas, and as you write you may be surprised as to what comes forth.  Often when we feel into our heart’s desires, fears will erupt.  That’s part of the process.  Allow the fears breathing room.  Remember that the ascension is all about inviting spirit into our bodies and hearts and minds, and loving and accepting ourselves just as we are.  We do not need to change one thing about ourselves to qualify for spirit’s love.  So as you are writing down your desires, remember that whatever you desire your soul is capable of manifesting for you.  But there is nothing you need to do to earn those desires except to trust that because you exist you are worthy.  And you are far enough along in your enlightenment to know you are not coming from an imbalanced place.

Eventually we recognize that everything we need is already there and we don’t even need to ask for those things or conditions, but for now, in this process, it’s  important to use the creative tools available to us to move us into more joy.  Have fun with your writing!

Keep Both Feet On The Ground

The new, balanced Divine Human (Diman) loves exploring their sensual nature.  As they expand their consciousness, and, if you are reading this, you are expanding yours, they realize that they are here on Planet Earth to play.  They have played in duality, and now they want to play in another sandbox altogether.

You took on your physical body so you could experience a physical environment.  And as we ascend, our kundalini, or life force energy opens up like never before. We may experience it as sexual energy.  But it is so much more.  We have learned to channel it through sex, but if you find yourself in a situation in which you have no partner or you are not wanting to connect with anyone sexually, it is an opportunity to express your sexuality and sensuality creatively.

How you do that is of course a personal choice, but it is truly satisfying because your soul wants to express!   And it doesn’t have to involve another person if you choose.  It can be through writing, art, music, dance, creating a garden, the way you dress, the way you communicate.  And remember we are not going for perfect here, but expressive!  We are by nature sensual creatures and we have shut down that part of ourselves for a long time.  But now with spirit coming to reside with us, we are in the perfect place to welcome our kundalini into our everyday life.  We are discovering that we can’t be fully in our lives without our soul, our spirit present, and we can’t be fully with our spirit here unless we have both feet on the ground.

Photo on 12-14-13 at 8.30 PM 4Enjoy my original song I Got Both Feet On The Ground