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Embodied Enlightenment, Women, And Feeling Safe


Graphic by Maria Chambers

On my walk the other day, I encountered a man who said hello, and indicated that he was interested in a conversation with me. In short order it became clear that he wanted to engage me in more than just conversation.

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The Top Issue Now


Art by Maria Chambers

Most reading this have removed themselves from the world outside their door, from politics especially.  Now it’s more just entertainment.  We are not deeply invested in outcomes. We understand more and more that we are in this world, but not of this world.  We have come to know on a deep level that we need not be affected by that world, as we become the sovereign beings we have always been before coming to this planet.

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Brand New Day


Graphic by Maria Chambers

Will the current global pandemic, Corona, awaken the masses?  Well, the potential is there, of course.  Some will awaken to the realization that they were playing a game called survival.  They will begin to recognize that there is much more than the human mind and body.  But for most, they will just continue playing the game, and replace this crisis with something else.

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