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Dear Non-Physical Friends…..


Image Credit Maria Chambers

Dear non-physical friends,

First I want to thank you for your love, and your support.  Yeshua, AA Michael, Metatron, Adamus St. Germain, and all the rest of you in the higher realms.  Some of you have had physical incarnations here on Earth, and some have not.  To those who have not, it’s understandable that you wouldn’t relate to how it is down here on the ground.
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Stepping Out of Duality

cropped-e3c75f7b-a02b-4684-8e5a-a4c93c43cf92.jpegIf we look at world events, things seem pretty bleak.  Humanity is still pretty unconscious.  But we reach a point in our awakening where we understand why  the human species does what it does.  We get it.  They are acting out the Galactic story that began before the playground, Planet Earth, a vast duality reality, was formed. Continue reading


Wishy-Washy Won’t Work

Image by Maria Chambers

When it comes to embodied enlightenment, suble doesn’t work.  Why?  Well, because real change comes only at the heels of disruption.  When our lives are traumatized.  We have all had that wake up call, some more unceremoniously than others.
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Death And Taxes

Death and taxes.  The two things that are inescapable.  Well, maybe not so much the taxes.  I’m not going to talk about taxes but death is certainly worthy of some discussion.  Most people in the 3D world are uncomfortable with the topic.  Understandable.  There is so much misinformation surrounding it. Continue reading