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Me and My Shadow-How Far We Have Come


I have said this many times before but it bears repeating. It takes a great deal of courage to face the darkest aspects of ourselves. And those dark aspects that are in the shadow are simply emotions. Nothing more. It’s not any kind of evil, or nefarious aspect of ourselves. They are simply the darker emotions that our soul in its love for us kept in shadow because we were not able or ready to deal with them. Continue reading


Language of the Soul


Image by Maria Chambers

As our soul, we are neither masculine or feminine.  If we were to use a term to describe the soul’s essence, it would be androgynous.  As the human, we express ourselves in many ways.  Generally as men or women, we don’t stray too far from our assigned gender.  But what is happening, over time is we are discovering that we have many aspects of ourself that want to express.
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It’s a Man’s World, Not So Much Anymore

Photo Credit Maria Chambers

Today On my walk I ran across this creature, and I was fascinated by its beauty.   And what it was about to do fascinated me even more. Continue reading