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Me and My Shadow-How Far We Have Come


I have said this many times before but it bears repeating. It takes a great deal of courage to face the darkest aspects of ourselves. And those dark aspects that are in the shadow are simply emotions. Nothing more. It’s not any kind of evil, or nefarious aspect of ourselves. They are simply the darker emotions that our soul in its love for us kept in shadow because we were not able or ready to deal with them. Continue reading


Women and Anger – Sovereign, Self-loving and Sensual


Image Credit Maria Chambers

It’s time for women to feel the full depth and breadth of their anger, and their rage.  It has been bottled up far too long.  She has allowed being disrespected by the male gender far too long, and it has taken its toll on her emotionally and physically. Continue reading


The Merciless Quality of Freedom

cropped-733778dd-e70e-407d-a15e-46eba5bd9bb5.jpegFreedom is a weird thing.  People think they want it, but most people will avoid it.  Did you know that many folks who have finished their prison sentence end up going back to jail?  And even more people end up getting divorced after their spouse gets sober or gets clean from drug use?   The relationship was built on disfunction. Continue reading


In Honor of Mutu


Image Credit Maria Chambers

There was a period of my life, as an artist, that I began producing African figures,  mostly female.  They were drawings for the most part, but there were also some paintings, and three dimensional images.  The were strong women, androgynous and self-contained.  I was intrigued by them, since I am not African, or African-American.  I decided to get a reading from a reputable woman, and I was astounded. Continue reading