Relax into the Void (Don’t Avoid The Void – Part 2)

Art by Maria Chambers

It’s certainly no fun to be in the place where we are not feeling much passion about life.  If there’s one thing the human being has very little tolerance for, it’s lack of passion. Continue reading “Relax into the Void (Don’t Avoid The Void – Part 2)”

Is It Time To Express? Is It Time To Share?

Art by Maria Chambers

I have mentioned in other posts that we are always expressing.  And if we aren’t allowing ourselves to express our voice, another part of us will find ways to do that.  Even if it’s through bodily imbalances, and emotions like depression. Continue reading “Is It Time To Express? Is It Time To Share?”

Our Ascension: Making It Real

There’s no rush to get through our ascension, but sometimes we feel stuck and want to make it more real.  In this video I explain ways to do just that. Continue reading “Our Ascension: Making It Real”

I Accept And I Choose

If you want to move into your light body and ascension status more quickly, the best way to do that is to accept yourself exactly where you are. Most people think that if they accept where they are they are giving up and just settling for unwanted conditions. And then they think that means giving up on their dreams.  Many on the ascension path think they have to first mold themselves into something else before they are worthy of being loved and accepted by their soul.

There is a saying, you cannot release something until you love it. And that holds true for this as well. If we want to release the conditions that we find uncomfortable, that are not up to our heart’s desires, the first step is making peace with where we are at.

The mind does not like that so much. The mind wants to take action to make changes. But it does it from a place of fear and lack primarily.  It’s what the mind has been doing on our behalf.  It’s been in pretty much survival mode for eons.  And as we know, it hasn’t been able to take us where we truly want to go.  It has been trying to protect us by controlling and orchestrating our life.  The mind judges things and situations. It likes to separate things out into right and wrong, and good and bad. If we feel that something is bad or unwanted, we want to change it as quickly as possible…(and that usually, from the mind’s perspective, means taking action or pushing something away.)  But the benefit of being in a dense, slowed down environment on Earth is that we can see how our feelings create our reality, how we create from within.  It is here we are literally face to face with our own unresolved issues.  And we are here now to resolve and transform them with our soul-self, with love.

In our awakening, we begin to recognize that we need to go through the steps. Instant manifestations may be coming in our reality, but for now we need to go through the stages of enlightenment. We want to feel the unconditional love from our soul, and we get glimpses of it, but we tend to push it away. 

One of the most important steps is allowing, or self-acceptance.  But most people want to bypass this step altogether.  And understandably.  It can be challenging to feel into our unresolved aspects (the parts of ourselves that are now surfacing to be integrated) without wanting to either change them or push them away.  Yet without accepting those parts of ourself, those parts that feel unwanted, confused, angry, wounded… parts of us we consider to be unevolved… we won’t be able to move into our true enlightenment.

In the earlier stages of enlightenment, many of us went through the analyzing and processing of our emotions, and that had its place, but now all we need do is accept all the feelings when they come up, to accept that we may feel depressed, angry, doubtful, confused.  Perhaps bored.  We may be experiencing a physical disease or discomfort, a financial or relationship or job issue.  Can we now just allow that to be o.k.?  To make peace with that?    To not try to resolve anything, heal anything?  To not try to push anything into place, especially our enlightenment?

We begin to dramatically transform our life by first accepting what is, without judging it as bad.

Many of us successfully moved out of family and relationships that no longer were a good fit or were disrespectful of our own choices.  Then we found ourselves in the same situation within ourselves, with parts of ourself that were in our face and not respecting our feelings.  But now those parts of ourselves feel something different in us.  They sense the love we are beginning to have for ourselves.  And as we share that love with them too, whether they are an aspect from our past, or a cell in our body, they will respond with greater trust and will move with us to accommodate our hearts desires.

Notice how differently you feel as you practice self acceptance.  You will begin to feel a sense of peace.  Your body will respond positively over time.


As a master, we get to choose how we want to feel, no matter what is happening outside of us or within us.  We have slowly detached from the mass consciousness and respond less and less to events or world news out there.  We have learned to honor other’s truths, even if we do not ourselves embrace those truths.  We know that if we want to be honored for our truth we also need to honor the truth of others.  It doesn’t mean we need to keep company with those people if it doesn’t bring us joy.  But we are awakening to the realization that we can have any reality we prefer while living alongside the rest of humanity. That in taking total responsibility for our joy, we can no longer hold anyone else responsible for how we feel.

As masters, we are coming to realize that we need to do the same thing with our own aspects and our mind.  Parts of us are conditioned deeply to being a certain way, of feeling certain things, and we need to be o.k. with them as they are.  It doesn’t mean that when those feelings get triggered, either from our mind or our aspects, that we need to respond to them.  We can allow them their reality while choosing how we want to experience our reality.  But this requires total trust in our soul because we are our soul also, and our soul wants to come in now to be in an intimate relationship with us.  And it’s our soul that knows unconditional, all-encompassing love.

As we choose how we want to feel, and as we choose from a place of joy, our soul is very responsive to that, because our soul is the very epitome of joy.

The master says out loud, with FEELING, confidence and self-respect, “I am healthy,” if she wants to experience good health.  The master says out loud, “I am wealthy” if he wants to experience that.  “I am passionate” is something the master says if she wants to feel and experience that.  The master knows that it’s the FEELING that draws in the energies.  He also knows that he may not be feeling passionate at times, and that is also o.k.  And she doesn’t try to make anything happen from her mind. And then doesn’t keep checking to see if it’s happening but just trusts that it is done.  She knows that feeling joyful and expansive is her true nature, and that if she is feeling anything less than that she can choose to reconnect with that feeling any time.

As we practice this more and more, and nurture ourselves every chance we get, to feel as joyful, passionate and expansive as we can, and allow our soul to be in our everyday life, the universe has to deliver our desires to us.  It is a law of the universe and of manifestation.

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