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Expressing Our Soul

Art by Maria Chambers

Some people say they are not creative or expressive. But in actuality, they are expressing all the time. Perhaps not in the traditional way we know that to be, through an art form, music, writing, theatre and other forms. But being in physical is a form of expression. Our body is expressing on our behalf all the time. It expresses repressed emotions in the form of illness and imbalance. Same for our mind. And our life. Whatever we see around us in our environment, the people, the events in our personal lives, are all forms of expression, telling the story of our life. Continue reading


Ascension and the Healing Crisis

Enjoy Sea Melody, from my album, Simply Divine, while reading the post.

You are in the process of releasing your past.  the ancient patterns that have created emotional and physical dis-ease. In this natural process, you may temporarily feel a little lost.  You may be asking, who then do I become?

You become more yourself, more of yourself.

And as you release these energies, you do so by honoring yourself, and by honoring your ancestors (and, when you think about it, you are your own ancestors, you may be your great-grandmother or great-grandfather)…and you set them all free.

Meanwhile you may be feeling all kinds of stuff…sadness, loneliness, anger, confusion, and you may be experiencing illness in your physical body.  These are all ascension symptoms…they are just coming up to be released.  They, for the most part, are ancient.  You need not try to figure any of them out with your mind.  Do what you need to make yourself comfortable.  Feel the feelings.  For the most part they are not yours.  Some have been buried for so long that they have become petrified in your body.  But not to worry, they are not permanent residents…remember your body is the last to come on board with your evolving consciousness, so don’t let your mind distract you from that truth with its fear and worry.  It takes as long as it takes.

But, having said that, it’s o.k. to go to a doctor or practitioner if you can’t seem to quiet the fears.  There is no right or wrong.  Do what gives you the most peace…eventually you will come to realize, if you haven’t already, that your body is purging old patterns and old systems, even sometimes in the form of a disease or two…and it is doing this in response to the download of rarified light and love coming onto the Planet and into your body, and this process is going to go so much more smoothly if you accept it, and keep your mind’s fears and concerns in the background, not the foreground of your day-to-day life.

Sometimes things seem to get worse.  There is something called the Herxheimer Reaction.*  It’s what happens in the body after it is given a substance to eliminate the bacterial toxins.  The body gets worse, the symptoms worsen, before there is a healing, because the toxins take longer to release.  It can also be called a healing crisis.  That is what is happening in our bodies, and even in our minds and emotions.  The symptoms feel worse for a while.  The body is responding to the growing intensity of light, and is working overtime to purge the energies that can’t sustain themselves in that light.  If we keep this in mind, we will not need to overreact and create drama.  Because, right now, our creative abilities are very potent in this new energy.  What we focus on, whether it is something we enjoy or something we fear, will manifest, and quickly.  So it’s important to, yes, feel all the feelings as they present themselves.  Yes, express them all safely, from tears to pounding a pillow, or yelling or whatever you are feeling.  And in that acceptance of them, they do transmute.  Just don’t over identify with them.  Remember they are not you.  They are from your distant past.

They are an accumulation of ancient toxins that are being purged.  Even if you think the feeling is a reaction from something that happened an hour ago, something to do with your spouse, or your friend, or your kids.  Yes, some of those feelings are because you are tired and you are impatient and want this ascension thing to be done already.  Who doesn’t?  No one wants to be uncomfortable.  But, interestingly, one of the toxins that are being released now, is the addiction to being uncomfortable.  The victim energy that is pervasive in our world.  But don’t worry about the rest of the world.  They are going at their own pace.  But you, dear new energy pioneer, are going at warp speed, even if you do not recognize it.  You are doing in this one lifetime what would take several lifetimes to do.

You are beginning to feel the love growing in you, from your divinity, and for your human self.  And your human self has been a neglected child of yours.  Those people in your life that appear before you who seem so needy of your attention and affections are merely a reflection of your own inner child who has been starving for your love and attention.  Some of you succumbed to illness and disease just to get a modicum of attention.  Or to have a reason to retreat into your own space for a while.  It felt like there were no other options.  You didn’t want to appear to be ‘selfish’…putting your needs first over others in your life…but that game is coming to an end.  You can’t afford to play in that sandbox anymore.  You certainly can’t afford to play the game of appearing to others with a sunny, nurturing, compliant disposition when at times you are feeling quite the opposite, or you just want to be by yourself, enjoying your own company.

And as you fill yourself up first, you will appear quite sunny, quite content with life and in love with yourself. You may then want to share that joy with others, but not from a place of putting on a happy face to make others more comfortable.  In fact, you may make some quite uncomfortable.  You won’t be doing the knee-jerk response of dimming your light.  You will be shining the light from your soul, through your eyes, and it will show just by the way you walk into a room.  Not everyone can handle that kind of radiance.

*The Herxheimer Reaction is an immune system reaction to the toxins (endotoxins) that are released when large amounts of pathogens are being killed off, and the body does not eliminate the toxins quickly enough.

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Money and Health During The New Ascension

If we equate having money with being spiritually impoverished then we will make sure that we are never too well off.

Money is of course in a neutral state, just a form of energy here to serve us. It is here to help make our stay on PLANET EARTH more enjoyable.  It has no power over anyone or anything.  If we believe having money gives us power over others or that it is the answer to all life’s problems, we will provide ourselves with a harsh lesson to change that concept.   Eventually the rich man wakes up one morning and realizes he still feels unfulfilled.

The same is true for poverty. If someone on the spiritual path believes it is important to be impoverished financially, to have only just enough, because they feel having money and things are a distraction to finding spirit, they may find themselves no closer to god.  The person living in their car or on the streets may wonder why they aren’t yet worthy of spirit’s love.  Although these experiences may have been appropriate at one time for soul growth, we know that neither poverty nor wealth bring clarity and self-love.

Those of us who chose the New Ascension took on the biggest challenge known to man. We stripped ourselves of everything to find ourselves.  That part of the journey is done.   Now in the new energy it is all about grace.  It is all about allowing the energies to serve us without limitation.  It is about letting spirit into our bodies. But it requires being attentive.  It requires checking in with ourselves every so often.  Feeling into our joy meter and taking action on whatever puts a smile on our face even if it makes us stand out. The time for holding back is over.

There are universes of energies available to us, just sitting there ready to serve our heart’s desires.   But if we are not lined up with those desires, if we don’t believe we deserve them, or feel we haven’t ‘earned’ them, things in our life will not change much.

We truly do not have to wrestle with anything anymore , whether it is relationships or jobs or old stuck beliefs. It is really about just allowing this process of ascension to continue. To step aside and just let it happen. Our order has been put into the kitchen. We do not need to keep checking in with the chef.

Heavy feelings will erupt. Sadness, guilt, anger, fear or anxiety. It is all coming out now to be cleared. No trying to figure it all out.  That mental struggle is what tires the body out.  Which brings us to the next topic.

Let Your Body Do It’s Job

Getting exhausted and sick during these times is a kind of blessing. It slows us down. Our body is doing it’s best to keep up with our consciousness. Sometimes that requires rest and lots of it. When our mind tries to manage ascension it tends to get in the way of the process. So the body will break down. It’s the best way sometimes to get us out of our head. At that point we have to surrender to our body because we were resistant to surrendering to our spirit.

Being down physically serves us now, just as being cloistered in a convent or monastery did in other lifetimes. Don’t fight it. If your physical resistance is low it is because your resistance to allowing was high.   Resistance is the number one enemy of allowing our desires into our life.  We tend to get filled with resistance relative to things we want in our life. So if your body is slowing down, wanting to sleep more, or feels sluggish,  or you are getting other symptoms, bless it. The body is just doing its job for you. Sometimes it’s doing what you are refusing to do for yourself.

If you had boundless energy and limitless resources, would you be tempted still to take care of others, or get busy running around getting involved with activities or people who aren’t a match to who you really are?  Would you be tempted to give away your energies indiscriminately:  your time and or your money?

There are various reasons for the physical ailments during ascension.  The body is working hard to accommodate spirit. It can go only so fast. It is recalibrating down to the very DNA.  Illnesses and imbalances (physical, mental and emotional) will manifest to be cleared.  But an important job the body is doing in all this is the following: until we learn to quiet the mind and allow all the feelings to flow and just allow ourselves to receive without question, the body will do what is needed to quiet us so that the Master Chef can finish our gourmet meal.