The Now Moment of Being

Enjoy my song, “SOUL TO SOUL” while reading the post.  Listening to the healing music helps to ground the message.

The hardest part of this transformational process we refer to as Ascension, or Embodied Enlightenment…..the hardest part may be the lack of passion.  The disengaging from drama, from goals and plans, and just living in the now moment.

We may still have our projects and creative expressions, but it doesn’t seem to involve the same emotional fervor as before.  We sometimes envy those around us that are deeply involved in their various goals and projects with passion.

 But for those of us who are awakening, it seems we are being pushed, often kicking and screaming, into that place of living in the moment.  We get pulled back as we engage in worry and drama, and even use drama as an artificial passion.  We may even mistake this temporary disconnection as a sign that we do not want to be here anymore.

But this is just the mind trying to figure out this new energy.  And it can’t.  So it does take trust.  Trust in the process.  Not easy considering we are the first to go through it.

But what I am discovering for myself is that the more I allow that way of being in the moment, the more my life just flows.

Recently I decided to renovate my apartment,   and living alone, at first the job felt overwhelming to me.  But as I began to discard things and give things away, people just seemed to appear to assist me.  I didn’t need to ask anyone!  From taking away big pieces of furniture to helping me shop for new things, to helping me to let go of the minutia the I was clinging to.  A dear friend was by my side, giving me support, generously purchasing some things for me, making what could have been a daunting experience actually fun!  He even offered to paint the apartment, but the management offered to do it for me for free!

So the experience reminds me that we are renovating from the inside out.  That we need not feel alone, that we can relax, enjoy the moments and everything we need comes to us.  Also, during the renovations, there were moments when I wanted it to be done, when I thought I couldn’t relax until everything was in order.  But then I realized that was a limiting belief.  We want it all to be resolved, our health, our finances, before we can feel good.  But it doesn’t work that way.  We are discovering that being in the now moment is the only real way to find that joy and peace and passion we desire.  And then, almost like magic, what we need is there.  And it’s because we are not being so resistant.  We’re not trying, pushing for results.

Of course it goes against everything we are taught. Which is why most people are either in the past or the future.

And what happens when we are present, with ourselves, enjoying the moments, is we begin to feel creative.  We want then to express, whether it is art, music, writing, gardening, dance, or anything really that is fun.  But without question, our soul wants to express.  Why?  Because it can!  Because it exists, and it wants to express through the physical body.  It wants to express its joy.  Not for an end result, but for the joy of the process.  Unfortunately many people believe that this is a waste of valuable time, yet it is exactly what created life on this Planet!  Spirit desired to express itself.

So, here we are, at the end of a thousands of years cycle, awakening from the dream, wanting to express once again.

But just for the joy of it.  Not for an end result, although there will be tangible, physical results from the thrust of desire to express.

One of the problems with the concept of being in the moment is it’s too easy..  Without lots of effort, and something to overcome, it can feel like we are not worthy of our desires.  But we are beginning to remember the part of us that knows we are worthy, and knows it is a creator god, so of course it is easy!

You’ve probably heard the story of the dog that was put outside and was free to run around but couldn’t go beyond the confines of a low voltage electrical fence.  And when the fence was taken down and he was free to run without limitation, he continued to stop short of where the fence once was.

So now that we reside in a more limitless energy, we still believe we are limited.  Old patterns.

That’s o.k.  We are here to break old patterns.  To create new ones, in which we are much more expansive and free.

Darkness And Light

Image Credit Maria Chambers

As Divine Light continues to infiltrate the planet, it brings to the surface any remaining darkness.  So we see in the world, acts of horror toward others, toward self, and it seems to be heating up.  From domestic violence, to suppressing, controlling and murdering women and children in the name of honor and religion. Continue reading “Darkness And Light”

You Are Ascending Masters

Did you know that one person who feels inner peace is more powerful than 1 million people carrying around signs protesting war?

An example on a smaller scale from my own life: I live in an apartment complex, and from time to time I am within earshot of noisy neighbors. Becoming more sensitive, it irritates me more and more these days. But I have noticed something. Over the past couple of years, the number of noisy neighbors has diminished around me. I attribute it to my finding my own inner peace and radiating that out.  Of course, there are times when the noise level is high, but I know that it is only a small percentage compared to the peace that I am experiencing here now.

Earlier on, I would get the management’s attention to resolve  it or leave notes on people’s doors. But that did not really resolve the issues in the long run.  Finding that inner balance and sense of peace that can only come from within us, went a long way in affecting my environment.  It seems the noisy neighbors either moved out, or became less noisy. Amazing.

Embodied Masters

An embodied master is not someone who tries to force their knowledge or their light onto anyone else. That’s so yesterday. That is so old energy. That has no place in the new era.  We are “beacons of light.”   That means we stay centered, we stand tall and we simply radiate our light. A lighthouse does not go out and try to convince anyone of anything.  It simply radiates its light for those who are in the dark.  It accepts everything and everyone for what and for who they are. An embodied master accepts themselves for who they are. Every aspect. The dark and the light.  They recognize that they are also human and they accept that they will lose their patience.  It’s not easy being an empath, and being in a world that is still asleep.  But the master understands not to take things so personally anymore.

The only changes an embodied master cares about are their own. They shine a potential then for others to choose for themselves.  Why would anyone want to change the world? It’s spinning just fine. And actually, it’s none of our business what anyone else is doing. Everyone is just where they need to be. A wise master is available for anyone who truly is ready for change. The student will come to them. The student will sense their balance, their peace. No they are not perfect. They are very human in fact. The Masters stopped trying to perfect themselves a while ago.  The embodied master sees the world and all its beauty and it’s strife, it’s hunger, it’s war, it’s disease, it’s political, economic, and social unrest as “perfect”

Why? Because everyone is just where they need to be.  They understand that the government, for instance, is just a mirror for the mass consciousness.  That real change can’t be ‘enforced’ or pushed.

What, then, is the light worker’s new role, if not to take on and transmute the pain of humanity?  Simply put, to enjoy life here on the planet. Something quite foreign perhaps to most spiritual “Warriors”. But that is their new role and it will take some getting used to.  In the old energy, the lightworkers battled others in order to defend their truth. It was a very different time and different energy. Because they pushed against others who they felt misunderstood them, those others pushed back.  There were plenty of rejections and deaths in the name of light versus dark.

Back then the lightworkers had not yet embraced their own darkness. Instead, they projected it onto the ones In power: the church and the government.  The light quotient on earth was very low and there was very little inner peace and joy experienced by mankind.  “The times they are a changing” and we are now being infiltrated with a light quotient never before experienced. The old ways are no longer appropriate. The Divine Feminine is here and she is coming back into balance with the Divine Masculine. That means, dear friends, that it is now safe to be yourself. You are no longer required to fight for anything. You are being purged of all the old energies of fear and limitations. Your body is the last to undergo these changes, so patience is still required. In the old days, you did not particularly enjoy being in your body since it was so easily killed and diseased.

Own Your Mastery

But now you can stand tall, you can be in your body, and you can feel free and safe. Of course it is always a personal choice but, if you choose it, you’re going to stand out. You will be seen by some as selfish, as egotistical, because you dare to feel joy in the midst of pain and confusion experienced by humanity.  Humanity is beginning to awaken, and are going through what you have already gone through.  However, you have no need to rescue anyone or remove their personal lessons that they are going through by caretaking anyone. For those of us who spent most of our life trying to fit in and please everyone else, this is challenging.  But you now understand that what they are going through are just experiences, not labeled as good or evil. You no longer need to convince anyone of who you are. They will sense it. Some people will be drawn to you, others will be repelled by you, because they cannot stand all that light.

However, you do not have to respond to that. You only have to take responsibility for yourself, for your own feelings. And, responsibility doesn’t mean self blame. It means being responsible for your own happiness.  You have learned that the world can change only if each human being begins to embrace their own joy. That joy is the highest vibration there is and if you’re reading this, you probably know about the law of attraction. That joy begets joy, and as one connects to their own joy, and their god self, they do not need anyone else to change in order for them to feel good.

An embodied master does not carry their past around with them like a heavy suitcase. They no longer identify with their past. They know it was just an experience they gave themselves to better understand other humans and to be a more compassionate teacher in the new energy.  They know that before they ascend they will feel bored because they are used to doing battle, whether it is with their neighbors or with themselves. The embodied master has no need to caretake anyone, an especially important point for women. Women now are releasing their caretaking roles from their DNA. Guilt will surface because they believe they are being unkind. And others are depending upon them. (See my post,  A Message To Women.)  Women are allowing their Divine Masculine to set boundaries when appropriate. They are becoming more respected for their inner wisdom and are taking their positions as leaders of the new consciousness. “The times they are changing” and that is why each of us on the forefront of the Ascension process needs to take ourselves seriously. The energies are high and these are the best of times to be alive. We are here, we are clear, get over it!

The Ascended Masters of the past did not stick around much longer after their ascension. The times were much more dense than now. Many of us decided to be here on earth to be the bringers of new energy. To integrate our consciousness. To be in the world but not of it.  We are not any longer required to hold energies for Gaia or mankind anymore.

It is no longer appropriate to deny our earthly desires.  Yes, still challenging, but each and every one of us is up for it.  The challenges will be different, not so ‘dramatic.’   Keep opening those doors, dear friends.  It is indeed a new day.