Thanks For The Memories!

Generally I don’t reflect much on my past.  Once I move on from a situation or a relationship i prefer to focus on the present and look forward to a future of unfolding possibilities.

But lately at night in my dream state I am having quite a few ‘reunions’ with family members, some alive, some dead, as well as with ex- husbands and lovers. Continue reading “Thanks For The Memories!”

You Gotta Laugh


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Laughter is one of the best ways to move energy and recalibrate our cells.  You won’t hear that statement so much from our beloved non-physical friends, our guides, archangels, ascended masters who still reside on the other side, because…well…frankly, as much as I honor them,  respect them and love them eternally, they can’t tell a joke worth a damn, am I right? Continue reading “You Gotta Laugh”

Men And Ascension


I thought it was a good time to repost this article. I also wanted to add that it brings me so much joy to see the male energy on the planet coming back into more balance. A friend of mine who lives in Salt Lake City, Utah, told me that he and his husband frequent a church in which at least one of the male parishioners alternates between wearing men’s and women’s clothing. And this is in a rather conservative Mormon area. He said he sees more and more embracement of transgender, and gender-neutral, or androgynous expression.  He said he is surprised to see how alternative lifestyles are being embraced and accepted. How the divisions between men and women are giving way to a more free-flowing expression of the individual.  To be able to express the various aspects of ourselves freely and openly is the New Consciousness.

Many men are awakening to their true nature and are embracing their Divine Feminine.  Now, if you tell that to some men, they will become pretty uncomfortable.  They will misunderstand that to mean they are not fully masculine.  That they are somehow weak. Continue reading “Men And Ascension”