Pennies and Calories: Follow The Joy, Or Follow The Fear

Image credit Maria Chambers

Two interesting things this morning at Starbucks.  Small, but at the same time significant:   my friend Christina said she wanted me to help her make a decision….should she go to Target, or to the deli section at Publix (grocery store)….I asked, “Why Target?”  She said the yoghurt.  I ask “Doesn’t Publix have the yoghurt?”  to which she replied, “Yes, but it’s cheaper at Target.”

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Clarity and Compassion

Art by Maria Chambers

Years ago I wanted to leave my coffee community of 15 years.  I knew it was time to move on, but I didn’t think I could.  There was a lot of emotion connected to the place and the people.  One day I was sitting in my usual booth, that I had grown to love, that felt like a safe haven from the world, and I heard a voice, that of a little child, saying, “Mommy, can we stay?  I don’t want to go.”  To which I responded, “Yes, of course we can,  We will stay as long as we like…..until we are ready.” Continue reading “Clarity and Compassion”

A safe place


I’m sitting here sipping my morning dark roast, and I see a helicopter overhead.  It’s never a good sign.  It turns out there is a school lock down at the local Middle school, right across the parking lot from here.  Patrols are looking for the student with the gun.  Apparently they already found four guns within the school property.  I don’t know if anyone was hurt.  A young family gave me the details just now.  They were sitting with their young son, who happened to run late today and missed the chaos. Continue reading “A safe place”