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Expressing Our Soul

Art by Maria Chambers

Some people say they are not creative or expressive. But in actuality, they are expressing all the time. Perhaps not in the traditional way we know that to be, through an art form, music, writing, theatre and other forms. But being in physical is a form of expression. Our body is expressing on our behalf all the time. It expresses repressed emotions in the form of illness and imbalance. Same for our mind. And our life. Whatever we see around us in our environment, the people, the events in our personal lives, are all forms of expression, telling the story of our life. Continue reading


True Passion

Years ago when in my twenties, I left New Jersey and a controlling Greek father behind, and drove, with a college boyfriend, to a small midwest town named Iron River, Wisconsin.

log-cabinWe lived for almost a year in a small cabin type home in the woods, along with another young couple.  What could be more exciting and new?

What started out as just a vacation ended up being more.  I worked at the local fishing pole factory, since jobs there were scarce.  My days involved wrapping wire around fishing poles, and inadvertently inhaling solvent based glue without proper ventilation. (Back in the early 70’s). Continue reading


There’s No Price To Pay

It’s o.k. to feel good.  Now, on face value, that statement may seem self evident.  But when you consider our history as humans, and even our own personal history from this lifetime, feeling good seemed to always come at a price.  Some kind of compromise was involved.

I’m sure you are familiar with the statement, “no pain, no gain.” Or “laugh today, cry tomorrow” or “if it tastes that good it must be bad for you.”. How about ” sinfully good” or “guilty pleasures?”. We often ratchet back feeling too good, especially if there is someone close to us that doesn’t, or even in ‘consideration’ of those in the world who we perceive as suffering.. We allow ourselves just so much…just so much joy, whether it is in the form of money, health, good food, or just feeling good.  It’s o.k. to feel good.  There doesn’t even have to be a reason, really.  Haven’t you just felt good, and things didn’t necessarily need to change a bit in your life?  You are most likely experiencing that more and more.  People around you may be wondering what has gotten into you!  What cult have you joined?  How can you possible feel good when you look at what’s going on in the world?

Well mostly the rest of the world is still in suffering mode.  It has become very addictive to play victim, of family, of their job, of the economy, of the government, of illness, of their emotions.  We know what that’s like.  We are still sometimes in that knee jerk response to life.  It’s hard not to be.  But the difference is that we now know we have a choice in how we want to perceive things.

 For example, while it does feel at times that we are just along for the ride relative to this ascension process, and while it seems we have little control as the human self, as our body and emotions go through a major transformation, we are realizing that we are not just these human selves, that we are also our soul and our soul initiated this process.  It wasn’t just thrust on us.

We are advanced souls and we wanted to be the first to go through this process, where we, as spirit, integrate and live intimately within the human body.  We ascend and remain here on the Planet.  Then from that place we can use our avatar abilities like never before.

But as the human we have had such a history of struggle, we tend to carry that with us into this process.  So when we have those moments of feeling good, we may tend to temper them.  When I was in the ‘work force’ I would feign sickness to take a day off.  I didn’t have vacation days, so I had to justify it to my employers.  But other times I would genuinely get sick so that I could justify not doing something my heart wasn’t into.  This is a pervasive coping mechanism in our world.

Why?  Because we can’t allow ourselves to feel good, and sometimes that involves saying no to outside demands on our time and energy.  I spent years, decades going through the motions at the Christmas holidays especially, with friends and family.  I finally extricated myself from the traditions I no longer felt connected to.  Even though there was some residual guilt.  But I told myself I’ll live with some temporary feelings of guilt, but I no longer need to get sick to get out of commitments.

This also applies to no longer needing to take on any energies or emotions on behalf of others.

What happens often when we begin to feel good, whether it is emotionally or physically, is we begin thinking we should use that energy, whether it’s to do some chores, whether it’s to take care of someone or an obligation.  It’s like when someone wins the lottery and their first impulse is to give some of their money to charity or to their friends or their family before they spend any of it on themselves.

The same can be happening emotionally, giving away the energy that we need to spend on ourselves.  And then if we choose we can share the overage with others.

And of course our mind will try to rain on our parade without us involving anyone else.  It will try to convince us that those feelings are false, and that we are just kidding ourselves.  That the sooner we get back to reality the better.

But the feelings of joy are who we really are.   Not the feelings of guilt or obligation.

We are in the process of integrating our dark and our light.  It’s not about hiding from our feelings.  But as ascending masters, we are understanding more and more it’s also about owning only the feelings we want.  We get to choose if we want to own the guilt or pain as our truth.  It’s always our choice to believe that other’s needs come first, or that we are not worthy of feeling unconditional love from our own soul.

It’s a bold human who chooses to feel joy without a price to pay.

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Take The Lid Off


Enjoy “Maria’s Song” while reading the post.  Listening to my music helps to ground the post while nourishing your soul.

How did you love yourself today?  Did you speak kind words to yourself?  Did you rest when you felt tired? Or take a walk because it felt good to do?  Did you turn down an invitation that just didn’t feel like fun? Without feeling guilty?  Did you allow yourself to be mad, sad, happy?

How much happy did you let in?  A few moments?  An hour?  All day?

Did you allow a stray thought of fear or worry or doubt cloud your sunshine?

We are so used to this pattern of sabotaging our joy that we don’t even recognize it.  Why do we do this?  Somewhere along the line we bought the idea that we are allowed just so much joy.  So we give ourselves a few crumbs at a time.  We are adept at depriving ourselves of many things, many pleasures in life.  ” I can’t have that piece of cake” or “I better not take a day off from my job” or “I better exercise even though I just want to relax!”  You can add your own list here!

Whether it stems from religion or generations of conditioning in the belief that life is hard, it comes down to, are you ready to let it go?  To break that pattern?  In many ways you already have.  You are recognizing that your joy is the most important thing in your enlightenment.  But you are still in some ways just giving yourself a teaspoon full when you can be giving yourself a wheel barrel full. And it’s so easy to convince yourself that you are OK with that teaspoon full.   You say, “Well, others don’t have it why should I?”

We are afraid to stand out.  Some of us were persecuted in other lifetimes for being different.

In the old energy spirituality was built on self deprivation.  But if we are to move into our enlightenment we need to embrace self-love and give ourselves a wheel barrel full of joy!  We are understanding that conditions in life do not have to be perfect in order to feel good.  But how about letting it in now in a big way?

Of course there will be resistance.  But recognize it when it comes in….it will feel unjoyful in nature. Don’t give it much attention. You are the one who will give yourself permission. You are the one with the authority.  Allowing your soul to come into your body is going to give you an amazing amount of joy.  The operative word is allow. It is as simple as taking the lid off.  You are in good hands.  You deserve to feel more joy than even your human self can imagine.

Last night I turned on some very soulful dance music and just danced by myself at home. I hadn’t done that in a long time and it felt great! In that moment it didn’t matter that I had some unfulfilled desires in my life. There will always be those. As soon as we fulfill one, there will be something else. It’s why we’re here. To experience and enjoy life and to fulfill our heart’s desires.

Go ahead and demonstrate to yourself that you believe in this.  Do things just for you and no one else!  You are here to break old ancestral patterns, to open up doors that have never been opened….

Take the lid off!

The time for playing it safe is over! Giving yourself crumbs won’t do.  We have danced enough in ‘just enough’ mentality.  It’s time to dance with ‘plenty.’  With ‘more than enough.’  And of course we are worthy.  Of course we deserve all the wonderful things we can imagine.  Why?  Because we exist.  There is no other reason.  We do not need to earn or struggle for or work hard for those things we desire.

In the New Energy, with the energies present on the Planet now, we can receive with ease.  But not if we allow the mind to come in and sabotage us.  Everything coming up in our lives now, all the seeming chaos, is designed to help us to release the mind from duty.  We are in the best place now to begin allowing more joy into our experience.  As we become the Embodied Masters, we will find life more delicious than ever before, because we will be allowing life to serve us.  The Master allows the energies to serve them.  Without compromise.  The Master may appear selfish at times to those who have not yet embraced their Divine selves.

The Master doesn’t question himself or herself.  Doubt becomes white noise.  No, life isn’t a perfect Nirvana experience.  But you can tell who the Master is by the amount of joy in their life.