Enjoying Our Sovereignty

On my back steps, early morning with a cup of Joe.

Those of us on the forefront of ascension, enlightenment, realization, whatever name you want to give it….are coming to understand that we are sovereign beings.  That we are the creators of our experiences. As sovereign beings we dance with our Soul as we allow her to create the deeper rhythms in our life, such as our health, our financial abundance and our joy. So everything we need and desire is within our SELF.

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Traditions Sans The Angst

Image Credit poxabay.com

It’s the wee hours of the morning, well, actually 7 a.m., here at Starbucks.  I am enjoying my first cup of the day.  The barista tells me it’s their Christmas Blend.  I bring my own cup, because I prefer ceramic over paper, and I order a short and their ceramic cups are soup-sized.  It’s my little ritual. Continue reading “Traditions Sans The Angst”

Adios Karma

Art by Maria Chambers

No doubt you’ve heard that in light of the Christ Consciousness, all karma is absolved.  Personally it feels almost as good as when the library used to waive all late fines.  There is no more karmic debt unless someone is really enjoying it and wants to keep it going for personal reasons. Continue reading “Adios Karma”