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Say Goodbye to Guilt

Art by Maria Chambers

We can’t take the emotion of guilt with us into the new energy, into our embodied enlightenment.  That emotion has had its day.  It serves no one, especially ourselves.  But it’s seductive.  It loves trying to pull us in and make us feel responsible for others.  And of course then we see that emotion reflected back to us by others in our life.  Some of them love to make us feel guilty, to make us responsible for their unhappiness, or for their joy.   Continue reading


Our New Reality

face-1370958_1920Sometimes we are so physically and emotionally ‘shell-shocked’ from this integration process that we can’t see the beauty of this embodied enlightenment.

How we are literally creating a new reality, right here within an old, dualistic one.  And this new realty never existed before – in which opposites come together.  The human and the eternal self.  We are still surrounded by a very dense, and often harsh 3D reality but we are becoming less and less subject to its influences, even to its physics.  Yes, we are beginning to defy physics itself! Continue reading


What’s Love Got To Do With It?


Art by Maria Chambers

Love…that four-letter word…is probably the most overused and shamefully misunderstood word in the dictionary.   It’s been used to describe things that have little to do with love.   Most of us know more about what love isn’t.  We were taught that love is a selfless act, putting the needs of others before us.  That in relationships, love is often painful and one must sacrifice and compromise.  Your lover ‘completes’ you.  You are one half of a whole.  Another’s love heals your loneliness. Continue reading


No One Gets Left Behind

There seems to be a fear among many who are awakening to their God-selves, that they will be leaving their loved ones behind. This process of transformation absolutely does require releasing old beliefs and patterns such as fear and worry, and in some cases it does require releasing relationships that no longer resonate with where we are. But when it comes to those we feel a connection with on a heart level, perhaps our children or our parents or anyone else, it does not necessarily mean never seeing that person or not being in a relationship with them. But it does mean that the old dynamics will be released from that relationship. It’s letting go of the old way of connecting with those people. Continue reading