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Our New Reality

face-1370958_1920Sometimes we are so physically and emotionally ‘shell-shocked’ from this integration process that we can’t see the beauty of this embodied enlightenment.

How we are literally creating a new reality, right here within an old, dualistic one.  And this new realty never existed before – in which opposites come together.  The human and the eternal self.  We are still surrounded by a very dense, and often harsh 3D reality but we are becoming less and less subject to its influences, even to its physics.  Yes, we are beginning to defy physics itself! Continue reading


What’s Love Got To Do With It?

Love…that four-letter word…is probably the most overused and shamefully misunderstood word in the dictionary.   It’s been used to describe things that have little to do with love.   Most of us know more about what love isn’t.  We were taught that love is a selfless act, putting the needs of others before us.  That in relationships, love is often painful and one must sacrifice and compromise.  Your lover ‘completes’ you.  You are one half of a whole.  Another’s love heals your loneliness. Continue reading


No One Gets Left Behind

There seems to be a fear among many who are awakening to their God-selves, that they will be leaving their loved ones behind. This process of transformation absolutely does require releasing old beliefs and patterns such as fear and worry, and in some cases it does require releasing relationships that no longer resonate with where we are. But when it comes to those we feel a connection with on a heart level, perhaps our children or our parents or anyone else, it does not necessarily mean never seeing that person or not being in a relationship with them. But it does mean that the old dynamics will be released from that relationship. It’s letting go of the old way of connecting with those people.

Some sources have been telling us that as we ascend, those who are not choosing ascension will be transported to a different Earth, or we will be transported to a different Earth, leaving our loved ones behind.  That is not the truth. Those of us who have chosen embodied enlightenment, (ascending and staying here on Earth) will remain on this Earth and live alongside our human family, including our own biological family, if we choose. Yes we will be relating to them on an entirely different level, and if we enjoy nurturing them there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. But we are discovering that there is a new way of relating to ourselves and to others.

Yes, it pulls on our heartstrings sometimes when we feel that we are moving into such a different space than the ones we love. But please remember that everyone who is alive now on this Planet is part of the awakening. and on some level knew that this would be a profound time of change. They themselves may not be ready for their ascension but there is no rush, there is no pressure for them to do it any sooner than they are ready.

In this new energy, as we embrace our Christ consciousness, we also begin to feel that unconditional love that is coming from our soul nature. That kind of love does not leave anyone out. That type of love embraces every single aspect of ourselves that has felt unlovable. And in that love those parts begin to transform with us. The same holds true for our children, or our parents, or anyone else we feel connected to in our life. We begin to see them from a whole new perspective with so much more compassion because we are seeing ourselves that way.

But we will not be relating to them with pity or seeing them or ourselves as victims. We may think that our children are not going to be protected by us if we move into our divinity. It is important to understand that as we embrace our divine nature and make it more and more a part of our every day life, everyone around us benefits. Not all may understand what we are going through and they may even become angry at us because they’re used to the old dynamics of the relationship. However, on a soul level they want us to ascend.

Your children are so blessed to have a parent such as yourself who has the courage to move into an energy that has never been part of their human reality up to this point. Those children are so blessed to be part of this amazing transformational process, even if they themselves are not ready to ascend.  Anyone in your life that you feel a heart connection to is benefitting from your presence.  They may be seeing a parent that is beginning to love themselves and is not willing to compromise their own well-being anymore.  Who is beginning to set boundaries and pay attention to their own feelings and needs.  Who is recognizing that the most important relationship is the one with their own soul.  They may be seeing a parent who accept themselves more just as they are, and isn’t trying to be ‘perfect’ at anything.

Yes it may initially cause some ruffled feathers, but change does that.   But as we love ourselves, and as we accept that loving ourselves does move old stuck energies in ourselves, eventually our lives do get better and better.  So remember that love is the elixir and love is what this whole process is about.  It’s about falling in love with ourselves just as we are, and then being the living example to those in our life that this self-love thing has tremendous benefits for all.

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Much of what you have been taught are lies.  That you are incomplete, that you are flawed, that you are a sinner, that you need forgiveness, that you must prove worthiness, that you must struggle your way to god, that god is out there somewhere.  You were taught that you must not be selfish, that you must be a good girl or boy, that you must earn your way through life, that you need someone else in your life to feel complete.  You were taught that life is hard, that your appearance defines you, that your mind defines you, that your bank account defines you.  You were taught that you can’t heal your own body, that you need supplements, that some foods are bad for you, and some are good for you.  You were taught that you are a victim in life.

You were taught that spirituality and prosperity don’t mix.  you were taught that there’s not enough to go around so you better fight for what you want.  You were taught that life is fearful, that there is a boogeyman out there.  You were taught that feeling deeply is a weakness.

How many of these beliefs are you still hanging onto, and why?

As we move into the new energy, we realize that we can’t carry these old suitcases of limiting beliefs with us.  So we are in the process of clearing them once and for all.  It’s why our lives may appear to be chaotic at times.  To clear them, they need to come to the surface and be released.  The most difficult one is not feeling worthy.

What does it mean to be worthy?  Most people believe being worthy means being good enough.  Everyone has their own standards of worthy.  Whether it’s how much they weigh, how good-looking they are, how rich, how accomplished.  How many friends they have, or are they with someone special.  They may even use the barometer of how ‘spiritually evolved’ they have become.  These are all wonderful things, but they do not prove worthiness.  Yet, they can be a byproduct of worthiness.  But essentially there is no striving for worthiness.

You just are.

If you are reading this, you came here to defy these limiting beliefs, to break through the limitations of life on this planet.  You are not one to settle for the status quo.  You didn’t come here necessarily to become the president of a large corporation, to write a best seller, to become a super-star, but you did come here to take a journey that very, very few dare to.

Begin to trust yourself, and your perceptions.  If a belief doesn’t make you feel uplifted, then don’t accept it.  Accept only those beliefs that make your heart sing.  As creator gods, you get to choose what you want to believe, just as you choose what you want to feel.  Easier said than done, looks good on paper.  That’s why very few are doing what you are.  Most people don’t want to go within and examine themselves and take responsibility for their lives from the inside out.

It takes a tremendous amount of trust to do this.  Trust in self, in the face of the unknown.  It’s what pioneers do.  Pioneers of new consciousness.  You are no ordinary person living an ordinary life, but you knew that.  You took on the guise of the ordinary in order to learn, but lessons are over.  Time to apply what you’ve learned.  Be the example to others of what it means to defy the lies we were all taught.