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What the Beep???

Most reading this would agree that we create our reality by our resonance, or our frequency.  Our predominant feelings.  And we have discovered that our human self, for the most part radiates lackfully:  lack of health, lack of wealth, lack of self-worth.  So, naturally what life reflects back , well, it kind of speaks for itself.  Not that we are not living wonderful lives filled with all kinds of blessings, but we could be living so much more fulfilling lives. Continue reading


Our Ascension: Making It Real

There’s no rush to get through our ascension, but sometimes we feel stuck and want to make it more real.  In this video I explain ways to do just that. Continue reading


New Abundance Streams

Many of us who chose this lifetime to awaken, to take on embodied enlightenment, arranged to create a lifestyle, probably unbeknownst to us on a conscious level, so we could devote ourselves more fully to that awakening process.

That lifestyle may have involved government assistance, the financial support of a spouse or family member, or perhaps some of us had windfalls or family inheritances that kept us afloat.  and in so doing, we didn’t need to work for a period of time or worked just part time.  We knew it was imperative to have minimal distractions and a full-time job or career or family could pose a major distraction.

So our basic needs were met and we could more easily devote ourselves to taking the inner journey, which left many of us physically and emotionally exhausted!  We needed time and energy to devote to ourselves and our bodies. Continue reading