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Nothing Is Bad For You

Image Credit Maria Chambers

Once you are out of the Matrix, nothing is really bad for you.  Quite a bold statement.  Ok, don’t put your hand on a hot stove, or drink cyanide, at least not yet.   But what I’m talking about here is once you have moved out of your old story, and have detached from mass consciousness, you can choose to play in it, in 3D, and not be negatively affected. Continue reading

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Don’t Take It Personally

If someone is angry at you, it’s not about you.  Even if you are angry at yourself.    If you are feeling lost, hopeless, confused or angry, don’t take it personally.  As you move through these last stages of ascension, you begin to realize that much of what you are feeling is really not representative of who you really are.  And most importantly you realize that you want and deserve to feel good.  That’s right, your standards are rising.

Much of what you are feeling is more about your old conditioned aspects reacting to life.  And the other is the energies of the planet and the consciousness around you.  So if you are being told you are being foolish or selfish it is really about the one or ones telling you.  It is really a statement about their integrity or about their own issues, and how you choose to respond is entirely up to you.  If you believe them, then you will probably react with anger or guilt.  Even if someone looks at you and tells you how much they love you, that’s not about you either.  They in that moment are seeing a beautiful reflection of themselves, but they are probably not owning it.

Those feelings of detachment you have are absolutely appropriate.  You have been slowly detaching from mass consciousness.  From the matrix.  You will find that your knee jerk responses are gradually diminishing.  You are releasing your emotional body.  Your emotions will be in much more balance.  Of course there is always a healing crisis.  There will be stuff surfacing in you and all around you to be cleared from your energy field.  See yourself as your own universe, and your emotions are like the six o’clock news.  Lots of drama and trauma.  Just as, hopefully, you are not heavily invested in the news, so you are not heavily invested in all your emotions.

Humanity for the most part uses drama in order to feel alive.  You are getting past that.  Granted, sometimes strong emotions in you are a sign that something is out of balance in your life, or your boundaries are being disrespected.  If that is the case, you will know it.  You are far enough along to know who you are and what you want.   So it’s not to dismiss your feelings, but being the embodied master requires discernment.  You are free to decide how you want to feel.

Many people are over zealous in making sure they are eating only certain foods, ingesting only certain supplements, and wearing only certain fabrics, but when it comes to the feelings that sweep into their energy field, they are not terribly discerning. It may be from our heavily religious upbringing, or from religious overlays, but we tend to allow feeling “bad” into our energy field. If we believe we deserve to feel bad, we will create situations in which we feel bad.

Don’t Sweat The Small Stuff

I have become more aware that I will occasionally react to a situation strongly, when such a reaction isn’t equal to the importance of the situation.  My knee jerk response would snowball and quickly create a stressful feeling in me, and even exhaust me.  I noticed how many times I would do that, and how much energy I expended in the process.  But with ascension, those over reactions are diminishing.  And it’s refreshing to realize that most of our fears and anxieties are unnecessary.

You begin to realize that you truly do not need to stress the small stuff, and, as someone so wisely said, “It’s all small stuff.

I noticed that I would keep creating certain circumstances in which I would feel guilty.   There was a part of me that subscribed to feeling wrong or guilty.  It didn’t occur to me that I could decide to not feel guilty.  But I was getting angry about always feeling “bad.”  I was clearly done with it!

Over reacting is also a form of drama.  There exists the old notion that struggle and drama are somehow a necessary part of life, and even seen as glamorous.  Just look at our t.v. shows and movies.  Pretty boring without some drama, right?  So, it’s easy to get a little caught up in drama, even on just the emotional level, if we are not discerning.  But, not to worry, this ascension process is processing those old ways of reacting right out of us!

As an ascending master, you truly are a creator god, and you do deserve, as everyone deserves, to be richly provided for while visiting this beautiful planet. You truly deserve the best accommodations, the finest food, the most beautiful clothes, and the most wonderful of feelings during your stay.

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