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Stepping Out of Duality

cropped-e3c75f7b-a02b-4684-8e5a-a4c93c43cf92.jpegIf we look at world events, things seem pretty bleak.  Humanity is still pretty unconscious.  But we reach a point in our awakening where we understand why  the human species does what it does.  We get it.  They are acting out the Galactic story that began before the playground, Planet Earth, a vast duality reality, was formed. Continue reading


Justice Is Served


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Won’t you indulge me this opinion-piece on current events?

The recent Kavanaugh-Ford hearings is making everybody mad.  It seems to be bringing up anger, even rage in many people.

Putting aside politics, and the current judicial system for a moment, I think both people were credible.  But not in the way you might think.  Let me explain. Continue reading


The Women Are Watching


There’s never been a Republican woman appointed to the Senate Judiciary Committee, which is all the more remarkable given that the committee has existed for 202 years.

The upcoming hearings in the United States of Supreme Court Judiciary nominee Judge Brett Kavanaugh and the woman who has brought allegations toward him of sexual assault, Dr. Christine Blasey Ford is another pivotal moment in history in which the He Said, She Said Story will be played out. Continue reading


Behold The Light


The Light quotient is high on the planet.  Everyone is feeling it in their own way.  Those of us on the accelerated path feel it, and although it can be uncomfortable at times, we at least know its purpose. The light is designed to disrupt.  It permeates everything.  It brings to the surface all the stuff that has been hidden, and that has been unloved. Continue reading