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It’s All Good News


Image Credit Maria Chambers

As we become realized, awakened, we notice that the terms good and bad become less and less relevant.  Yes, there are experiences that feel better than others, but we also understand that it’s all good.  It is all leading us into the direction of our  enlightenment.  We are beginning to feel a new energy, a more uplifting one, and it is becoming our new set point. Continue reading


Our Journey To Enlightenment


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Our journey to our enlightenment is as varied as is each of us…..each a unique ‘snowflake’ traveling a road that has twists and turns, detours and pitfalls, beautiful, expansive vistas as well as dreary, confining environments.   But each experience was just a step closer to our enlightenment. Continue reading


Ascension and Flying Solo: Me, Myself And I

If you are reading this, you most likely know that the more awakened you become, the less you are surrounded by people you can relate to on a soul level.  And, even if you are in a ‘significant’ relationship, you can feel quite alone.  Not necessarily lonely, though, because you have an online community of like-minded souls, that relates to you on the level you appreciate, as you are establishing a relationship with your divinity.  But, on a human, one to one level, with someone you can sit across from, you may be coming up empty. Continue reading