A Message To Women

Enjoy “Sea Spirits” while reading the post.

For eons women have been conditioned to get what they want and need in life through being the complacent, compassionate mother, daughter, friend, lover. To use their feminine wiles. But now in the new energy we as women are asked to bring in the balanced male energy.  To learn to receive which is a feminine energy coupled with setting boundaries and standing up for who we are.  We are being asked to make a radical shift from the old feminine to the new balanced masculine and feminine meld.

We have carried as women, the heavy emotions, issues and turmoil that resides in the hearts of humanity. That had its place in the old energy, in fact it was considered a virtue. But now, we are standing up for who we truly are.  We are releasing our caretaking roles. It takes tremendous courage to do this, because there’s still a part of us that believes that we need that masculine energy in our life to feel safe and secure. Often that comes in as a partner, boyfriend, father figure etc.  And to relinquish that energy from our life feels a little frightening, because then we think we are totally alone in the world.  But often when we are in relationship with a male, especially an old energy relationship, we sacrifice ourselves for that sense of security. It becomes too high a price to pay.  We are being asked in this new consciousness, to set boundaries, and one way of setting boundaries is to release our role as caretakers.  It doesn’t necessarily mean leaving a partner.  But it does  require us to disconnect from the suffering of humanity. It may look as if we are being very selfish, and we are. But this is a necessary step in our ascension process.

Those around us will often feel abandoned by us, and possibly very angry at us.   I have had this happen to me.  But, the question of the day is, are you willing to become the free and sovereign being that you are, the being that embodies your spirit right here and right now in your life.  Are you willing to show other women that it is okay to be a strong, sovereign, self-loving person, and still have that gentle nature that is also yours.

In my own life, I am getting to the point where I can no longer afford to give away my energies. When I do things that are less than joyful, my body reacts. I may have a minor accident, or an illness. When I am not honoring my feelings and instead compromising myself for someone else’s comfort and joy, I get kicked in the butt.  My own body is a reminder to me of what I am doing. It’s a glorious messenger. And I am beginning to listen to it.

We are the courageous ones who are in the forefront of this Ascension movement. We have everything we need to be the sovereign, self loving beings that we are meant to be. We don’t have to strive to be ‘perfect’ to embody spirit right now in our life. We are perfect just the way we are. The only thing we need to do is to do things that are joyful.  And sometimes that means saying no. Saying no to others’ requests, and to our own guilt and fears. Allowing the feelings of guilt, fear and anxiety to come through us but not own them. Those feelings that we think we need to hold onto for others are not meant to be within our energies. Often the heaviness, sadness, and guilt are not ours. It’s time to let them go. It’s time to allow ourselves to do the things that make us feel good, just for ourselves.  It could be spending more time alone.  It could be creating something just for yourself.  To spend the holidays alone if you wish to, or to celebrate Christmas in July.  Or not at all! You most certainly know what feels good to you. Can you allow yourself that gift?  When you do, it reinforces something in you that will change the very cellular structure of your body.

Are you willing to stand tall? Yes, to stand out from the crowd. To stand up and say “Yes, I embrace all of me. Yes, I choose to feel joy. Yes I choose to embrace spirit right here and right now. I am worthy, I am ready. I do not need to lower my vibrations anymore to make life more comfortable for anyone else.”  The others in your life you were holding energies for can find their joy, and their divinity.  You are then a living example of someone who has found their balanced masculine and feminine, and who radiates joy.  In the New Energy, THAT IS THE WAY WE GIVE TO OTHERS.   By being the example, the new potential for others to follow.

It is mostly women that are in the forefront of this Ascension movement, because we were more open to the feeling energies. Men are finding it more difficult to open to their feelings. So, we can be the leaders now, and help the men to open up to their divinity as well.

In my life, I am learning to be discerning as to what energies I invite into my life. Including my own aspects and parts of myself that have been wounded. I invite all of them in to my safe space. And the ones that are not ready to come in, I allow them to go out and find their way elsewhere.

I have experienced many pitfalls on the way to ascension, and it seems the biggest one is the belief that as women we are supposed to be carrying the burdens, the emotional trauma, the heartbreak of those around us and those in the world. That is not why we are here in this new energy. We are here to embrace our divinity. We are here to shine our light. We are here to show that it is okay  –  it is magnificent in fact, to be selfish. Yes it is more than okay, it is essential, to the health of our body of consciousness.

So dear sisters – allow yourself to shine your light – allow yourself to be selfish!

What’s Your Story?

Everybody’s got one – a story, that is.  What’s yours?  Is it a story of barely enough? Always sick? Too much drama? Never enough time, money, health, Love?  You want change desperately, but when your life begins to change, you desperately cling to your story.

Maybe you want a better life, but you don’t feel you have earned it yet.  That’s quite a story.  So you allow just so much good stuff in, and then you stop it.  And then when the stuff you want isn’t coming you blame it on your inability to create.  But you ARE creating.  You are creating a life in which you don’t get what you want because you think you haven’t earned it yet.

We want change.  But we want to hang onto our stories…they keep us warm at night.  Maybe we want to be the embodied masters in this lifetime, but we think we haven’t earned that yet.  We haven’t become holy enough, perfect enough, humble enough.  We are afraid to let go of the old identity, even if the identity was painful.  It’s who we are.  Who will we be if we relinquish the old story?  Will we become so full of self-love that we become arrogant?  Who will we lose from our life? Dare we own our true creator abilities?

The good news is we are remembering who we are.  We have access to the abilities of the avatar.  But we still see ourselves as the puny little human too much of the time.  The silly human who doesn’t know what they are doing, so we wait and see, we wait to create because we aren’t ready yet.  When will we be ready?  What will it take to feel our god-selves?  How many times can we tell ourselves to be patient?

We can continue feeding ourselves the little feel good catch phrases and not take full responsibility for our enlightenment…or we can choose to create what we desire using the amazing and free energies available to us right now.

As was once eloquently said, “Seize the day!”  Take a chance.  Allow the bountiful energies available to serve you.  Don’t hold back!  If it doesn’t work out exactly the way you wanted or expected, don’t sweat it.  It’s not like you get only one shot at it.  Stay open.  Don’t get overly defined about what you want, but stay with the feeling, the essence of what you want.  Don’t over think it, but don’t bury your dreams either.  Let them out to air.  Breath yourself into them.

We are comfortable with our stories until we begin awakening.  Then they begin to feel like a heavy wet blanket upon us.  They become more and more uncomfortable, yet we are fearful of relinquishing them.  What if our life changes so much that we can’t handle it?  what if we don’t recognize ourselves anymore?  Yes, there will be fear.  But no great change can come without it.

If you are reading this, you are releasing your stories, at least the ones that are not working for you anymore.  They are coming up to be transformed.  Dare to cast off the big, heavy wet blanket and walk into your dreams!

Your Ascension: Stop Pushing, Just Allow

Change is good.  We all thrive when we make changes, because they get energies moving.  There’s nothing worse than feeling stuck in life.  Often in the old energy we would make drastic changes from a place of crisis, and that was appropriate.  In our ascension process many of us lost things in our life; money, health, people…we needed to let things go to find ourselves.  Now in the new energy many of us aren’t feeling especially inspired to make drastic changes and maybe we feel stuck as a consequence.  We may still see others around us making such changes and we may be concerned that we aren’t ‘moving.’

Don’t make the mistake of comparing physical changes (relocating, starting a business, getting married for example) with inner changes.  Because this process of enlightenment involves tremendous change.  It may not appear to be so on the outside so much (yet), maybe to you or to others in your life.  (In terms of more financial security, better health, etc.) So you begin to question it.  All the old values and beliefs come up:  “You’re not doing enough.  You’re fooling yourself.  What do you have to show for all you’ve gone through emotionally and mentally?”

Maybe, we think, we aren’t taking enough action.

We know better now. We know that just changing on the outside has a temporary effect at best.  We know that if the actions are taken from a place of fear or lack, and do not feel good to our inner being, then they are not going to bring us more joy in the long run.  We also know that there is always a void after things leave our life.  There is that period of time in which we are letting go and rebalancing ourselves.  It won’t last forever!  We also know that we need to feel good right now, right where we stand.  To shift our awareness to our sense of well being, no matter what’s going on around us.  Not to wait for someone or something to come and do it for us.  We have the ability, the tools to do that.

We know that we are teachers of the new consciousness, and we are ready now, and that teaching comes in many forms, from teaching a real class to doing whatever brings us true joy!  Even if that for now is just doing NOTHING!

A while ago I began to develop tremendous physical fatigue, which I eventually recognized as part of my ascension process.  No, I can’t give a specific analysis of where the fatigue was coming from, there are many theories ranging from the earth’s magnetosphere to the body’s resistance to the process of ascension to the body going from carbon base to crystalline base to clearing and cleansing on the deepest of levels to prepare us for our infusion of spirit.

These could all be true, but one thing I do know is that the fatigue was a gift from me to me.  It allowed me to SLOW DOWN and to allow this process of ascension to continue with less distraction from the outside.  Because I knew myself too well.  I know I would be running around trying to help others in my life, doing all sorts of stuff that had little to do with who I really am.  I would even be trying to keep up with all the details of my life, which is fine, but they can also be a distraction at times.

I knew that if I had all the energy and just wanted to ‘be, not ‘do’ so much, I would feel guilty.  Last night I started worrying about my place getting dusty and dirty and needing to clean up, but I just didn’t feel like it, very uninspired.   There was a conflict between my mind and my true self.  This morning I woke up with lower back pain.  Soooo…guess I won’t be doing any housework, at least not today!

So the body has its own wisdom.  What’s happening is that there are tremendous changes going on in us, so don’t buy into the belief that if nothing seems to be ‘happening’ in your life then you’re stuck.  You are moving at the pace appropriate for you, so that you don’t burn all your circuits out.

Manifesting in the new energy is easier, but we need to stop pushing, and learn to allow and receive.  And when action is required, it will always be inspired.

Drama in the New Energy

I was enjoying watching my most favorite dramady TV series, DROP DEAD DIVA, and I recognized something quite interesting.

First. that the show is a run away success because of the following:  there is tremendous chemistry among the characters.   the storyline is engaging.  there is dramatic tension.  If the Issues and complications in their lives were resolved and nothing else took their place, the story would become thin and uninteresting.

There’s plenty of love interests in each character’s life.  And, interestingly, there’s not one that is running smoothly. Our main character, who, refreshingly, does not fit the stereotypical supermodel type woman, is in a life transforming situation. That in itself is fascinating to me. Her character has real-life issues and challenges, and she’s working on resolving them. Because these issues are not resolved at the end of each episode, it prompts me to tune in next time and see what happens.

The writers of this amazing TV series are aware that they must keep the drama one step ahead of the characters. (With a nice sprinkling of comic relief) Especially our main character. There needs to be something in her life that is ongoing and a challenge. In this case she has another person’s soul in her body. And she has someone in her life that seems impossible to connect with…creating that dramatic tension that we all love. In fact I think we will all be disappointed and feel that the story is pretty much over if they do get together. So in order to keep the interest, we need to keep those two characters close yet not too close.

We can’t have them riding off into the sunset, at least, not just yet.

If you have not guessed where I’m going with this, I am comparing this drama on T.V. with our own lives. It’s a reflection of where we are in our consciousness. We still love drama do we not? It really engages us doesn’t it? It keeps us tuning in every week to see what is going to happen. It makes us feel alive.

Now, in the new consciousness, drama is not going to work very well. Not that it ever really did. Drama is slowly leaving our lives. For most of us on the path, we are finding that drama is not a welcome friend so much anymore.

As we find ourselves moving into the new energy, and as we find drama leaving our lives, we seem to be in a type of void. That void is very uncomfortable isn’t it? In fact so uncomfortable, that on a certain level we pull in drama. Whether it’s personal drama with health issues, or interpersonal, as with relationships.  We feel that, like our T.V. show, once the drama is gone, maybe we are too!  Some of us, as we enter this void are feeling that why are we even here scenario.  Life doesn’t have that same rush for us.  Even if it was a negative rush. We felt connected to life, we felt alive.

So in this void we tend to attract drama. That’s okay, not to worry. It won’t last long.  Just be aware.  If we’re feeling as if life is a bit boring, and we’re not really connecting with a passion, what to do? Create some challenge to keep us going. Otherwise maybe we’ll just float off and leave. Yikes!  That’s a little scary.

Well, we get to write the new script in our new consciousness for our own lives. What would you like to write about your life? You can pretty much write anything you want. You can add a little drama for interest. It’s entirely up to you. Or, you could keep your life pretty drama free, and just turn on your favorite TV drama when you feel like you need a bit of an infusion.

Have you noticed that when you try to help someone to resolve an issue they complain about, that often they will resist?  They’ll be kicking and screaming to keep their drama tethered to them. We’ve all done it. Drama can be our anchors. It keeps us here. Yes it keeps us here on the planet. Or so we believe.

I know for myself, I can’t wait to tune into that next episode of my favorite show. I can’t wait to see what will happen between the characters. The emotion. The joy… the sorrow. It really engages me. In fact I have to admit, it’s engaging me now more than my comedies.  I always felt I was a comedy person. And I still enjoy My comedies. I really do. I feel like they really elevate me, and keep me feeling light and happy. However, when I really want to sink my teeth into something, I will go for the drama. (Especially when it feels like there’s not much of that in my life).  Not such a heavy, deep drama that it’s disturbing, but one in which there is solution and resolution. I have some script ideas myself.

So, moving into the new energy, we still have drama, because we believe it keeps us here on earth. Don’t take away our drama totally, at least not yet.

If there were no tension and antagonism between characters, it would be rather dull. If everyone were just getting along famously, everything was flowing, would we really be interested in watching the show?

I don’t believe we came here to the planet to just bask in the sun on a desert island all day long. I believe we came here because we like a good challenge. We wanted to see what it was like to be in these dense physical bodies, restricting who we really are down to these small human flesh and bone forms. We wanted to go beyond. We wanted (especially as light workers), to challenge the existing belief systems. To challenge the physical laws of man. To expand consciousness. So in that sense the challenges are what brought us here. But we need to distinguish between that type of challenge and just drama that we stir up in our lives to keep us distracted from the true passion that we have for being here.

I am not talking about everyone in the world’s population. I’m addressing those in the forefront of the new consciousness movement, those in high gear ascension wise, in other words those reading these words. You are The new energy Pioneers, and you may be experiencing a period of passionlessness in your life. I’ve written about this in a previous post so I won’t go too deeply into it here.  But, just be aware, that you may be bringing in some drama that doesn’t necessarily have to be there in your life right now. You will try to convince yourself that you have no choice, but I challenge you to look at it and see if it is really necessary right now in your life. Why is it there? Is it because you’re feeling a void?

We are entering uncharted territory.  It is totally understandable that we would want to go back to the comfortable anchors of our past.

Can we move into the new energy, the new consciousness without the drama in our lives? Can we expand and grow with passion, not drama? That is up to us. We get to write a new script. What will yours be?