Patterns in the New Energy – A Closer Look


Patterns, familiar ways of experiencing reality, have been deeply entrenched in the human over eons of time.  In a seemingly uncertain world, patterns of behavior give us a sense of safety.  Predictability is essential for our physical and mental health. Patterns that the Planet follows, that Mother Nature follows, that society and culture, and our own family follows give us a sense of equanimity.  Even if some of those patterns are not in our best interest.

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From Oneness to Sovereignty

Art by Maria Chambers

There’s a lot of talk in spiritual communities about oneness.  And it’s true we all came from the one Source, from All That Is.  And many hold the belief that we are eventually all going back into source, into the oneness. And there is a lot of talk about all of us being one. There’s even the idea out there that ascension is going from human to divine.  That we will somehow be superhuman or super angelic.

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