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Image Credit Maria Chambers

For those of us going through embodied enlightenment…..despite the fatigue and the physical imbalances we may still be dealing with, regardless of the boredom, the lack of passion, and for some still going through the emotional purging and the other frustrations that are natural as a result of a 5D human being in a 3D environment……we are fulfilled.

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Moving On From The Guilt Game

Image Credit Maria Chambers

For most of my life I thought that my sense of guilt was a product of my upbringing,  my parents wielded guilt in an attempt to keep me from doing things they deemed inappropriate.  And, to their credit, they were trying to protect me from what they perceived as a dangerous world, especially for a female. Continue reading


Being Good is Old School

Art by Maria Chambers


At this point in your awakening process if you believe that it is important to become a better person, a better human being, it’s time to challenge that belief. Because if you don’t challenge it, trust me, it will be challenged. Continue reading