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When You Are Ready

When you are ready to let go of a situation, physical or emotional condition, or a relationship, you will.  And not a moment before. Continue reading


Gentle Giants

Art by a Maria Chambers

Human beings are so busy running around trying to improve on themselves.   Making themselves stronger, more attractive, richer, healthier, more intelligent, better educated, more appreciated, more successful, more spiritual, more worthy…..and yet, that is all a complete waste of time. Continue reading


There’s Really No Down Side

Art by Maria Chambers

If at times you wonder if you are really in the New Energy, in a more expanded consciousness, because maybe your body or your life does not seem to reflect it….ask yourself, “Am I still trying to fill up emptiness by expecting someone else to love and appreciate me?” Continue reading


Personal Space

Photo by Maria Chambers

So this morning at Starbucks I took my short walk between coffee refills and when I got back to my table, a woman had set up herself, and was working on her laptop, at the seat across from mine.  It’s a small two seat table, not the long ones Starbucks provides for many people. Continue reading