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I ain’t buying it

The Road

Image by Maria Chambers

When I was younger, I loved shopping.  I ended up buying things just out of boredom, or trying to fill up on something I didn’t have inside.  Love, probably.  Industries have become wealthy on the lack of self-love and self-fulfillment of billions of people.    Continue reading


No More Processing

Art by Maria Chambers

At this stage of our ascension we are not processing for the collective.  We are now ‘nurturing our own radiance,’ to borrow a phrase from a very wise mentor of mine.

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What Exactly Is So Threatening About the Feminine?

Let’s get to it, shall we?  The toxic masculine, which is part of a patriarchal system, feels threatened by the feminine.  And that is because his position is tenuous, even though outside appearances seem to defy that truth. Continue reading