If It’s Not YES, It’s NO

In the new energy, we are living in the now more and more.  We are letting go of past and future ‘thinking’.  As we embody spirit we are aware that creating our reality is all about the NOW moment.  The feeling that time is speeding up, and the days seem to meld into each other is not just our perception.  There are real physical changes taking place as we move out of duality.

Ascension is about being at home here, in these bodies.  It’s about bringing home here, at least for now, while we reside on this planet.  As we continue integrating spirit, we find ourselves being more discerning about how we want to use and share our energies.  If something doesn’t feel right, in our NOW MOMENT, (not based on what we may have decided in our past) we are trusting our instincts more, and we make desicions based on that trust.  And if it feels good, we more and more choose from that feeling.  Especially in relationships, if we don’t feel a real connection with the other, that is, a connection from the deeper part of ourselves, we know it now more than ever before.  In the past we were able to deceive ourselves, but not so much now.  So if connecting with a person, a group, or an activity, or even a job doesn’t feel like the right fit, we know it, so it’s NO.  Not maybe, just NO.  If we try to get logical, it doesn’t work.  If it’s not yes, it’s no.  And it doesn’t take too much ‘time’ to discerrn this truth anymore.  We just know.  The problem is, we still don’t trust our instincts totally yet.  The voice of ‘reason’ still creeps in with questions like, “but what if I am missing a great opportunity?  What if I am hurting their feelings?  What if I am wrong?”

But what if you are right?  What if you do know?  What if you are far enough into your ascension to know, which, if you are reading this, you are….what if you know because your decisions are now based upon what is best for you from your broader perspective?  And what is best for you isn’t about trying to please anyone else anymore, or trying to fit into a relationship or job or situation that doesn’t reflect that embodied master you are becoming.

This doesn’t mean you need to necessarily abandon your family or job or relationship.  But it does mean you are not able to deceive yourself anymore.  It does mean that within those families and jobs and relationships, you are releasing your care- taking roles and moving into your sovereignty.  When you become more aware, it can at first be very unsettling.  You find yourself wondering if you don’t love others anymore, because you really care about how YOU feel more and more.  You begin to feel selfish.  (See my post, Get Selfish And Stay There.)

So guilt comes up.  Don’t worry, it’s all part of the process.  It’s coming up to be cleared.  It is no longer a requirement to hold energies for others or be in situations for soul growth.  Now you are required to be there for YOU!

You will still find a myriad of new age sites that support the old paradigm of self-sacrifice in the name of the good of others.   And for those humans, it’s appropriate, but if you are here reading this, you are among those who decided to move past the old concepts of sacrificing for the good of the many.  You have reached the place where you are tired of the maybes.  It’s either yes or no for you.  It is liberating because it clears your energies.  Carrying around so many maybes is exhausting!

You know who you are.  You know your time and energies are valuable and that you will not allow them to be squandered.  And, as you make yourself your first priority, you will find that the abundance just takes care of itself along with your health and well-being.  You also find that saying yes to yourself helps everyone else.  They will thank you later!

Step Into Your Teaching

Each of you reading these words is a teacher.  You have graduated from the school of life.  You are ready to move into your new role as a new consciousness, new energy teacher.

You have the wisdom, the compassion and the life experience (lifetimes of it).  You are the awakened ones who came here to make profound changes, first within yourselves.  You went through the difficult stuff, and even though it feels difficult still at times, many others are waiting to hear from you.  They want to know what you know.  Actually, on a soul level, they already know it.  You provide a voice for their inner knowing, confirmation for their inner truth – that they are divinity having a human experience.

Your teaching can come in a myriad of ways, from teaching an actual class or workshop, to blogging, counseling. to any creative expression, or just shining your light wherever you walk.  You show others who are ready, that being divine is also being very human, that spirituality is all about being brave enough to be selfish.  Selfish enough to care how you feel.  Teaching is more a state of being, not so much a profession.  It’s not about seeking a following because you know intimately this ascension process isn’t about following some guru.  It’s all about being the example of a human in the process of embracing their divine self and inviting that divine self into their every day life.  A human who is becoming their own best friend, and who is there for themselves, even if that means disappointing others.  It’s not about being the martyr.  It’s showing your students that it’s o.k. to get away from it all, to turn off your cell phone when you need to disconnect.  They will learn from you that it’s about being human as well as divine.  It’s about honoring the human aspect, honoring the human needs and desires.  Embracing all the emotions.  Letting those emotions come and go.

So being a teacher is not preaching and it’s not having an agenda for how others use the information.  It’s not about sacrificing, or taking on the imbalances of your students or clients.  It’s seeing their divinity.  It’s understanding that there is no room for power.  Sometimes you learn from your students, and you realize that they are aware in places you may not be yet.  You may find that when you step into your role as a new consciousness teacher that your students come in ways you didn’t expect.  Sometimes you feel unprepared, even like you are a fraud, someone who is just pretending.  But then you realize that it’s your human self that doubts.

So you have all these great gifts and all of this insight and experience.  You have your unique perspective.  Now it’s all about on the job training.  The only real difference between the teacher and the student in the new energy is the level of confidence.  And that comes naturally with each desire to share who you are, whether it’s through expressing creatively, or through simply enjoying the sensual experience of life on planet earth.

So if stepping into your role as a new energy teacher feels right for you, congratulations!  You have all the support you need.  Things will unfold in the most wonderful and unexpected ways.  Others are excitedly anticipating your presence.  And you can’t get it wrong, even in those moments when you feel that way.

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Get Selfish And Stay There!

As the ascension process continues, we discover that our family, friends, and community, for the most part, do not understand what we are going through. Fortunately, we have a growing global family who does.  They are a few clicks away on the internet.

Meanwhile, we still have our own corner of the world to deal with and to live in.  In my own life, I am taking advantage of the new energies and allowing more of my heart’s desires into my life, and less things that are motivated by wanting to please others.   Not always easy considering we were taught that we must put aside our own needs for the needs of family, friends, and community.

The good news is, everyone is adjusting.  With any change, even a good one, there is resistance, but as we learn to exercise our self-care muscles, those around us begin to learn our ‘new patterns’.  I will rarely make plans ahead of time any more with anyone in my life, considering the bouts of fatigue I have been experiencing.  It’s just too much pressure for me to make plans then have to cancel and disappoint people.  I tell them, just call me the day of and if I can I’ll go there or whatever activity they invite me to.  I’m also turning down invitations to things that just do not sound like fun.  I have less and less tolerance for ‘small talk’ with people, so I make sure I don’t get myself in a situation in which I am doing just that.  A few minutes here and there at the cafe is fine, but more than that, I grow weary!

I am still invited to the occasional ‘function’ of friends and family, but I will rarely go.  It’s just too hard.

The Morning Ritual

In the mornings, I won’t turn on my cell phone until I’ve gotten my coffee, sat down (I enjoy going to the local Panera Cafe), written in my journal for a while, and stared out the window dreamily for a bit.  And, actually it rarely rings anymore.  (For me that’s a good thing.)   A woman I know told me she would never turn her cell phone off unless she was in church, because she wanted to be accessible for family.   I thought that was strange.   And, as I look at her and her family, it’s a picture of stress and disease.  Why be so ‘available’  if it doesn’t bring you any joy?

It’s so easy to play the victim and tell ourselves that we need to sacrifice for family or friends.  It’s what we were taught growing up.  We thought love meant being approved of, doing the ‘right thing.’  That’s the story of so much of humanity, isn’t it? So many are in jobs they can hardly tolerate for a paycheck.  Perhaps in relationships that no longer bring them joy.  But there is a growing unrest and the soul can’t be ‘tamed’ anymore.  The cost is too high for the sense of  ‘security.’

Dare To Be Selfish

Why would I use the word, selfish instead of self-caring or self-loving?  Because it gets your attention! Because for so many in the forefront of the ascension movement, guilt comes in.  When you are feeling guilt for not ‘being there’ for others.  It feels ‘un-spiritual’ to be self-loving.  And, as I said, others will adjust or just move on to playing the guilt game with someone else.  It also gives them permission to become more ‘selfish’ and do what brings them joy.

Get Happy

We have learned that we don’t need to change anyone else’s mind about anything in order for us to feel good.  We have learned that we can just allow everyone else to be themselves.  We also are allowing all of the emotions to come through us but not identify with them.  The sadness, anger, depression:  Most of them are not even ours. We get to choose how we want to feel, even if it takes some effort to get back to feeling good on our part.

As we become selfish we become more of who we really are.  It means we are allowing in more of our soul.  We begin to stand taller and radiate a quiet confidence.  Others sense it.  Things seem to flow more smoothly.  People seem more co-operative.

I’m sure I still annoy and confuse people in my life.  And they may never understand what I am going through.  That I crave more time alone, that I enjoy my own company more than anyone else.  That I have very little tolerance for manipulation or emotional dependency.  Sometimes I still do some things from a place of obligation.  I’m slowly letting that go, especially when my inner child protests.

We came here at this auspicious time to break patterns, and to create a new reality.  Not to follow the old rules like lemmings.  Oh, yes, there are moments when I wax nostalgic for a time when my life seemed nicely ordered:  nice little job at an office, a partner, a nice steady paycheck, a little self-contained community.  Not that there’s anything wrong with that, but for me, it spelled prison for my soul.  And as we claim our masterhood in the new energy, we may want to go back to visit that life, but it will be from quite a different perspective.

Start Small

If being selfish is too overwhelming for you, just start small.  Turn off your cell phone for a couple of hours during the day.  Decline an invitation from a friend or family member if it really doesn’t feel like fun without talking yourself into going.  It takes trust to do this.  Especially if you are one who identified themselves as a care-taker. Or a lightworker, or ….a woman!

Maybe you’re already being delightfully selfish on a regular basis.  Then your loving actions toward others are coming from a place of balance, not from lack.  All those reading this are courageous souls and are prepared to be and deserve to be grandly selfish!

Ascension: Keep It Simple

Enjoy my song, Finally Free, while reading the post.

Ascension.  You can let go of the notion that this process is complicated.  That’s the mind talking.  The mind, bless it, loves complex problems to solve.  Give it a crossword puzzle.  But as far as your enlightenment is concerned, better keep it simple.  Because it is.  Not necessarily easy, but simple.

It’s as simple as just…….. b  r  e  a  t  h  i  n  g………taking a walk in nature………petting the dog……..listening to a song…….and letting all the chatter of your mind, bless that mind, but just letting all the chatter of your mind come and go.  It’s as simple as saying yes to what feels good, and no to what does not.   Simple, but not easy.   Saying yes to feeling good, no matter what is going on in the room, or in the world.  Saying yes to feeling good no matter what emotions pass through you.  Looks good on paper, but not so easy to do.

Your mind doesn’t trust the word ‘easy’ does it?   It spells trouble.   But it is easy when you decide that your freedom is more important than pleasing everyone else, or fitting in so you don’t lose too many people in your life.  I’m not talking about neglecting your responsibilities, but about beginning to recognize that some things were not your responsibility to begin with.  Like making sure others were comfortable emotionally at the expense of your own comfort.

The ascension process is as easy as just being SELFISH!  Yes, it is.  But how many are really ready to embrace the idea that they need to be selfish?  The ones who are ready to take the next significant step towards their enlightenment.  They are the ones who are ready to embrace the idea of selfish.  Selfish enough to take their enlightenment seriously.   Selfish enough to want to taste their own soul in their life.

Your soul, your divine self, is not complicated.  It’s not all-knowing.  It’s learning as you learn.  it wants to taste the joy of life in a physical body.  It doesn’t care about you ‘perfecting’ yourself first.  That’s too complicated.  It thrives on simple, on just being and exploring and enjoying.  your soul doesn’t give a damn about your IQ, or your weight, or age or bank account or whether or not you have a significant other.  Your soul doesn’t care that you havn’t ironed out all your ‘issues’ yet.

Your mind, god bless that mind, but it doesn’t really yet trust that divine self.   It wonders, how can the Divine You possibly accept such an ‘imperfect’ human to reside with?

The answer to that is it simply DOES.  It simply wants to experience life right along side you.  No questions asked.  It’s as simple as that.  The hard part is ALLOWING this Divine Self a room at the Inn.  The good news is you pretty much made the commitment.    There’s just some stalling, some procrastinating going on, but that will pass and you will be inviting in your Soul.  You have passed the point of no return.  You have tasted enough of what it’s like to be truly FREE.  And once that happens, even if it’s a small taste, you can’t go back to being without it.