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Embodied Enlightenment, Women, And Feeling Safe


Graphic by Maria Chambers

On my walk the other day, I encountered a man who said hello, and indicated that he was interested in a conversation with me. In short order it became clear that he wanted to engage me in more than just conversation.

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Back Where I Started From


Photo credit Maria Chambers

I am sitting here at the cafe I started out sitting in over fifteen years ago.  I had left this cafe community about four years ago, then came back around recently, getting my coffee to go and sitting in my car. They have begun their reopen this week with limited sit down dining. The decor and tables are the same, even some of the original staff is here.  Many people from back then, when the cafe first opened up, are still patronizing the place. But something is different.

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Coming To Our Senses: Sensuality Will Replace Emotions


Art by Maria Chambers

As we move into our Mastery, we will identify less and less with human emotions.  We will stop responding and reacting to life, and spend more and more time just being in our senses.  We will experience life sensually, with all of our human and our angelic senses.

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