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Women and Freedom


Image Credit Maria Chambers

For the female gender, sexuality, including sensuality has been seen as dangerous, as something she was not allowed to enjoy. The shame and stigma directed toward her and her sexuality was normalized. It was used against her, and she also used it as a weapon in order to protect herself and garner a modicum of respect and value. Continue reading




Art by Maria Chambers

People will do almost anything to avoid feeling uncomfortable.  But we are in a time of discomfort.  Not just as ascension pioneers, but the world at large.  The old rules don’t seem to be working anymore in anyone’s world.  Nations are uncomfortable with change.  With diversity.  With more women in power.   Continue reading


The Divine Feminine is Shaking Things Up

C2E3D12B-9F7B-4352-8125-2E1EE2AA4720.pngThere is a worldwide penchant for authoritarianism during this historical time on the planet.  As the Divine Feminine is more present than ever before, there is a sweeping response from the patriarchy.   They sense something is changing, and they are afraid.  They are very, very afraid.
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