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Your Transformation-What To Expect

49C54E66-5673-49F5-8052-1D7DD764DE51You reach a point in your transformation where you are no longer looking outside yourself for your fulfillment.  Not in a career, or in a relationship, or in a god,  not even in your spiritual family in the non-physical realms.  You have stepped out of duality and are beginning to rely on your own Soul. Continue reading


In Honor of Mutu


Image Credit Maria Chambers

There was a period of my life, as an artist, that I began producing African figures,  mostly female.  They were drawings for the most part, but there were also some paintings, and three dimensional images.  The were strong women, androgynous and self-contained.  I was intrigued by them, since I am not African, or African-American.  I decided to get a reading from a reputable woman, and I was astounded. Continue reading