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From Oneness to Sovereignty


Art by Maria Chambers

There’s a lot of talk in spiritual communities about oneness.  And it’s true we all came from the one Source, from All That Is.  And many hold the belief that we are eventually all going back into source, into the oneness. And there is a lot of talk about all of us being one. There’s even the idea out there that ascension is going from human to divine.  That we will somehow be superhuman or super angelic.

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If You Knew…


Image credit Maria Chambers

If you knew you are eternal, what would you do with your day?  If you knew you are magnificent, and can’t really get it wrong, what would you choose to do next?  If you knew you are loved unconditionally, without judgement, how would you feel about all your so-called issues and supposed flaws?  

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Your Transformation-What To Expect

49C54E66-5673-49F5-8052-1D7DD764DE51You reach a point in your transformation where you are no longer looking outside yourself for your fulfillment.  Not in a career, or in a relationship, or in a god,  not even in your spiritual family in the non-physical realms.  You have stepped out of duality and are beginning to rely on your own Soul. Continue reading