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Easy Peasy

Photo by Maria Chambers

On my way home yesterday, I spotted a neighbor stranded on the side of the road in her car.  I pulled over and asked if she was O.K.  She said the car was acting weird and she was reluctant to drive it the rest of the way home.  I offered to drive slowly behind her until she got safely parked in the apartment complex parking lot.

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Salvation Anyone?

Most of the world’s religions believe that god is separate from man and believe in good and evil, and in suffering.  Some refer to it as Karma.  Most teach the importance of striving for spiritual ‘purity,’ of releasing all ‘sensual’ desires, and of transcending their human-ness.

Some religions subscribe to the belief that Jesus Christ died on the cross to save us from our ‘sins.’ That we are born sinners, and only if we embrace Jesus as our messiah will we be able to have eternal life, and go to heaven when we leave this mortal coil. That we must worship an external god, and follow a lot of dogma to prove worthiness, or the consequences could be dire. Continue reading


A Personal Note To Women


I have said this many times in many ways, but I feel it is important to remind you of who you are and where you are headed.  I’m addressing those women who are in the forefront of this transformation from carbon based to crystalline based beings.  As women especially, we are releasing so much in such a short period of time.  We are releasing our galactic story.  We are releasing our connection to our bloodline, our spiritual family (whether it’s the family of Michael, or another name, it doesn’t matter).  We are releasing mass consciousness.  We’re letting go of our care-taking roles, of holding energies and processing energies for others.  We are letting go of trying to make the male energy less angry.

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