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Our Freedom Requires Us To Close The Old Book


Art by Maria Chambers

Those of us who are deep in the throes of our Embodied enlightenment, who have given permission to integrate our human and our divine self…..we haven’t entered a new chapter in our lives.  We have begun an entirely new book. Continue reading


Jesus! (They Got it So Wrong)


Image Credit Maria Chambers

So Jesus (Yeshua) and I were having a convo the other day, and he told me that he is really tired of taking the heat for everything that goes wrong, and the glory for everything that goes right.  And those two are interchanged all the time, depending on whose side you’re on. Continue reading


The Illusion of Power

Image credit

These days it seems the Patriarchy is on shaky ground.  Why would that be?  After all, they run everything!  And that’s precisely why they are scared.  Their entire identity rests on that power and control.  Who would they be without it? Continue reading