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No Pain, No Gain, No More!

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As we move into the New Energy, we are discovering that things don’t work the same way as they did in the old, dualistic energy.  And it can have us feeling frustrated.  But the frustration is actually because we are not used to things being easier. Continue reading


The New Deal


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There is no greater motivator than fear.  But we are noticing more than ever how taking action from a place of fear is counterproductive. And as we feel into the predominant energies of the planet, it is a fear-based reality. And it’s heating up. People want things to improve in their lives, they fear that their sense of security and support systems are being threatened, but at the same time, there is a fear of change. People see change – real change – as bad.

And their fears are being fed by the media, and more recently by political figures. Continue reading


You And Your Mind

both-sides-1540103_1920Our mind is the part of us that has been responsible for our creations for eons.  Some call it our egos, our personalities, our human selves.  That part of us is very good at many tasks, but not so good at creating our enlightenment or at creating our heart’s desires.   And as we awaken we become more and more aware of that truth.

There is a belief being generated in the new age community that we must eliminate that part of ourselves, our ego or our mind, because it is running our life and has created more problems than it has resolved. That there is no room for our ego in the new energy.  So our mind fears being left behind in our enlightenment. Continue reading