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Detachment (not Denial) is a Good Thing


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Many of us, as we move into a 5D experience, are feeling more detached from the world outside our door, the world of duality. No, not groundbreaking news.  It doesn’t mean we don’t enjoy the environments we find ourselves in, or enjoy watching the news from time to time.  Sometimes we like the feeling we get.  We like getting ourselves triggered, because it helps us through what is a challenging phase of this process of transformation – the boredom.

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Not looking busy enough?



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No, we are not Alexandria Occasio-Cortez, or, or any rising star or high-profile person that will make political or social or musical history.  At least, not from a 3D perspective.  But on a Soul-level, that’s not our goal.  And it’s unnecessary, and even a distraction.  As I have said, energy magnifies and if there are any issues that have not been released, that energy of massive attention, or status would cause major disruption in our life. Continue reading


If a tree falls…


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I take walks frequently through the nature preserve behind my apartment complex. Over the last several months I have been walking around a fallen tree, and often wondered why the preserve management hadn’t yet removed it.  It was lying directly across the walking path.. There was enough room to maneuver around it without much trouble.  So, I surmised, they probably are in no hurry to get to the task.  But I noticed something today for the first time. Continue reading


Your Transformation-What To Expect

49C54E66-5673-49F5-8052-1D7DD764DE51You reach a point in your transformation where you are no longer looking outside yourself for your fulfillment.  Not in a career, or in a relationship, or in a god,  not even in your spiritual family in the non-physical realms.  You have stepped out of duality and are beginning to rely on your own Soul. Continue reading