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It’s Time To ‘Woman Up’ And Trust The Feminine


Art by Maria Chambers

We have all heard ad nauseum the expressions for being strong, like man-up.  Take it like a man.  Don’t be a girl. (I’m sparing you the really offensive words here.)  They have been used by all genders.  And most people laugh and shrug it off. But if this perspective continues, things will not look good for humanity. They aren’t looking great right now.  So what will save mankind? Certainly not becoming bigger, stronger, more powerful, more stoic, or more intelligent. Certainly not being even more mentally focused.

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The Mind is Relieved


The nature preserve behind my apartment

I have written a whole lot about the mind in this transformation process of the merging of  human and divine.  And I have written a whole lot about the state of affairs in the world outside our door, and how one parallels  the other.  But this morning I had one of those aha moments about something I wasn’t so consciously aware of. Continue reading


Who Can We Trust?

Art by Maria Chambers

If you have been on the ascension path for a while, you know that over time you not only become more discerning about who you allow into your life you also don’t take information at face value, especially as it relates to enlightenment. Continue reading